Omega vrt400 Review

omega vrt400 juicer is the newest version of top rated masticating juicer omega vrt350 juicer. you can know more in my other article here. lets start with difference of those two juicers

Basic difference between omega vrt400 and omega vrt350 .omega_vrt_400

Mixing Juice and Tap Function – these function allow omega vrt400 to you juice your fruits or vegetables and fill the juices bowl with juice mixture. When you done with your juicing you can collect and enjoy your mixed juice in a glass.

Auto-Cleaning System – this new juicer is easy to assemble, dissemble and clean. Omega vrt400 has better cleaning system than omega vrt350. You can know more about auto cleaning system below ..

Wheat grass Juicing: this juicer can produce more juice from Wheat grass than that of omega vrt350 from same amount of wheat grass.

Higher yield – you will need less ingredient than that of omega vrt350 to produce same amount of juice from vrt400 omega juicer ..that means you can save more you’re your omega vrt400

Omega Vertical Masticating Hd Juicer W/Tap Vrt400

More about Auto cleaning system

Auto Cleaning system of omega vrt400 Keep screen clean which increases this juicer’s productivity. You can simply close the juice tap and fill the juicer bowl with water to minimize cleaning process. Release the water after Auto cleaning spinning brush clean your juicer bowl. Continue this process until the water in the bowl is clear. To know more about omega vrt400 … visit this link

you can know more about .. comparison between omega vsj843 and vrt400 by clicking here.

Pros and cons omega vrt400

Pros :

  • Easy cleaning- its auto cleaning features will allow you to clean this juicer with less time and effort. Assemble and dissemble need less time than other previous omega vert juicers.
  • Higher yield – this juicer has higher yield than omega vrt 350 juicer. This juicer will save you more by producing same amount of juice from lower quantity ingredients.
  • Juice Mixing- this new feature allow your juice to mix your juice and enjoy testy juice.
  • Silent operation: this juicer hardly makes noise when producing juice.
  • Less counter space– you will like its beautiful vertical design. This vertical design also helps lower counter space.
  • Easy preparation:  bigger feed chute will allow you to juice your ingridients in less time by less slicing and prepairing for the juicer.
  • 72 hour quality juice: This juicer can presureve juice nutrition for up to 72 hours without oxidation or degradation. because it is low speed juicer works at 80 RPM.


  • Cost:  cost of this juicer is bit higher than omega vrt350 . you can have omega vrt350 in about 375$ and omega vrt400 in about $429 .
  • one of the amazon user stated – frozen bananas stopped the motor of this juicer and it worked until I thawed them out some in the microwave.

Customer Review

Currently this juicer has higher rating which is 4.5 out of 5 and this juicer is better version of omega vrt350 which also get good rating from many users.

I researched lot before buying this juicer .. this juicer overcome my every expectation .. it seems to get every last bit of juice out of whatever I’m juicing. Like test of juice more from this juicer than other centrifugal juicers I had . Love this juicer. By Josh, CANADA.

I use this juicer at least once daily. I m amazed this juicer can work so quite that I can talk while juicing. Plus. I can clean this juicer within 15 minute max .. happy with its cleaning system. I recommend it to all!  – By Anna, USA

For more reviews visit amazon clicking this link

Price comparison

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Is there any warranty?

This juicer comes with 10 years of warranty and which is one of the best in the industry . you have nothing to worry but have quality juice from a better juicer.

Where to buy cheap?

You can buy omega vrt400 cheap from amazon. You can save 70$ and get free shipping facility (valid for limited time only).

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  • john i? have recently ordreed your omegaVRT350HD juicer.i have a question for you about Aloe Vera.i have watched videos about how to flay the plant and harvest the gel (after washing away the laxative goo that surrounds it). my question is simple: how do i incorporate aloe into my juicing routine. can it be juiced or should it be? I have seen many videos about blending it with orange juice but not juicers?Unfortunately i have not found any in your videos, if you have one can you direct me?

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