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How Long Do Juicers Last? (Number & Facts)

Whether you’re purchasing a new or used juicer, or curious about the one you own, it’s crucial to know how long your juicer will last,


As a Juicer is a huge investment financially and healthwise. And If we settle for the low-quality juicers that have a short lifespan, it might turn into a big hassle and huge waste of your money. SO let’s know how long a juicer will last.

This Is How Long Juicers Last,

Good quality juicers will last 10 years or more when cared for properly. The juicer-screen or juicer blades are typically the first thing to break or become dull and the juicer-motor is the least problematic part of any electric juicer.

Found Some juicers that last around 20 years or more, and still be fully functional.

But you should know, The exact juicer-lifespan is heavily influenced by the brand, juicer-type, frequency of use, and how well juicers are taken care of ( or how well the juicer manual was followed). 

Things that Break On a Juicer?

Normally, a juicer screen is the first thing to break on a slow juicer. Besides screen there maybe usual wear and tear of juicer for regular use. juicer Motor is the less troubling part of a juicer.  

And more the juicer screen area, the more the need of taken care to keep in better shape. that’s why vertical slow juicers tend to last less long than slow-vertical-juicers. 

Within the slow juicers:  horizontal-juicers have less complexity and less juicing-screen area than that of vertical-juicers.  Vertical slow juicers are prone to get in trouble than horizontal slow juicers.

Centrifugal juicers

For a centrifugal juicer, the juicer blade becomes dull easily. and besides that juicer screen also has wear and tear after long use. the dull Shrader or juicing strainer basket also means less efficient juicing sessions.

How long do juicer blades last?

Normally centrifugal juicer has blades. With some exceptions, very few masticating juicers also have blades (for example champion juicer- auger have blades on it).

Centrifugal Juicer blades become dull within around 6 months to  1 year for regular daily use.  Dull juicer blades, Shrader, and dull baskets both have a big effect on juicer performance (juice yield). but you will able to use it to some extent or be able to make juice. 

if you find your juicer-pulp is wet and you have to push veggies or fruits harder than normal into your juicer, then you might be sure that your juicer is wasting juice and have dull juicing blades or a dull  shrader  or dull juicing-filter -basket (juicing screen).

For instance, you can do some maintenance or purchase spare parts by yourself using some tool to make your juicer dull blade sharper again and restore its original functional condition.  

Which Juicer Brands Last the Longest?

you already know, there are so many juicers brand these days. so it’s hard to pick a model which lasts longer. many juicer brands are new and some are old reputable companies.

you can know about some of the old reputable juice company,

Example 1: how long do champion juicers last

Champion juicers are well made and you can rely on them for longer than many other juicer brands. 

The champion juicer is one of the USA companies that started their production in 1955 and still in business for their good quality masticating juicers.

Champion juicers last long when taken care of properly. Some of the Champion juicers are well functional after 20 years or more  ( in 2021).

For instance, few of the used champion juicers from model #G5-NG-853S  are fully functional after so many years.

One of these models juicers in eBay, has serial number AL-23550 General Electric,  was made within 1982 to 1994. which means this juicer is at least 27 years old. ( in 2021)

note:  found manufacturing month and year from of product serial number

If you want to buy a used champion juicer make sure, juicer blades are in good condition and functional.

Example 2: How long do Breville juicers last

Breville is in business for a long time since 1932. this USA company renown for its good kitchen appliances in different countries not just in the USA. 

Breville produces different types of juicers like slow, centrifugal, and citrus-type juicers.

Below you can get some idea of how long your Breville juicer can last with some examples.

Used Breville in market

*age in 2021

Breville JE98XL8
Breville BJE4308
Breville BJE200XL13

So you can say,  Breville juicer can last 10 years or more on average (in 2021). This is just an approximation, as I said before, your juicer lifespan depends on many things like frequency of use, and how well taken care of.

Example3: how long does omega juicers last

Omega well-known juicer brand in the market and their juicers come with one of the best warrenty, 10 to 15 years on the whole juicer not just on the juicer-motor only. which makes sure you can use their juicer for a long time.

Omega started introducing their juicer in the market around 1988-2008. so their Juicer age cant be more than 13 years (in 2021 ,when I am writing this article).

Used  models -in market*age in 2021
Omega 800612
Omega 800311
Omega vrt3509

From the above table of used juicer markets (like eBay, craigslist), you can say this juicer lasts around 10 years or more if taken care of well.

Should you consider buying an old juicer?

if you want to buy an old juicer, then you should do the following thing

You should check the old juicer juicing screen, blade, Shrader, and motors, and other parts before purchase.  you should look for any wear and tear and also if the motor is in good condition.  no wired or burning smell on it when running.

You can check an old juicer price in eBay, wish, Bed Bath, and beyond, or craigslist for your proffered used juicer model.

But you should know, buying a used juicer is a personal preference and comes with its pros and cons. 

you will able to get a reduced price but no warranty, or customer support.

for instance, the Used omegaj8006 juicer price starts from around USD 150 these days   (which is half of the normal price on Amazon  )  but comes with no warranty or so.

My advice will be to buy a new juicer with good warrenty, at least 10 or more.

Why Long Warranty In A Juicer Is Important

Purchasing a juicer with a long warranty is important because it gives you extra protection and peace of mind assurance especially when the return policy expires and needs repair or replacement

Normally juicer with good warrenty tends to have a longer lifespan or well built. 

Various juicers come with a different warranty period ranging from one, two, five, to fifteen years.

for instance, Omega is one of the brands in the world of juicers that stands out when it comes to warranties as it offers the longest warranty, unlike other brands.

Omega juicers come with an industry-leading long 15-year warranty on the whole parts and performance of the juicers. 

Note you should be careful some brand gives warrenty for the motor not so much for the other juicer parts. you can check out the article about different juicer brand and their warranty periods.

Why is cleaning a Juicer Important to increase its life span

Cleaning a juicer is important because it’s a huge part of the maintenance process. Also keeping it clean at all times maintains your juicer’s performance at its highest level. A juicer-filters and other parts should be thoroughly cleaned to remove all the bits and pieces.

Failure to do that can cause juice pulp and other small components to clog and jam your machine. Not only does this compromise the performance of your juicer but it can cause your juicer to breakdown permanently.

why Avoid low-cost juicers or unknown brands

You should avoid looking for the cheapest price when you are looking for a juicer. you may end up spending more in long run.

As lowest-cost juicers have a short lifespan and short warranty. They tend to breakdown quickly as they are not sturdy and durable. and You may face lots of hassle and cost of fixing or buying a new juicer. 

How to increase the juicer life span

  • You shouldn’t just throw in whole fruits and vegetables into a juicer without first preparing the ingredients. Even though a juicer might have a large chute you still have to prep if you want to produce fresh/tasty juice.
  • Don’t juice fruits with their seeds and hard pits. Not only can this damage your juicer but it can also affect the taste of your juice or cause health problems as some of the seeds and pits contain chemical toxins.
  • Avoid juicing dry ingredients that have low water content like coconut and sugar cane. Not only will that damage your juicer but you will also not get much juice from this produce.
  • Don’t let your juice just sit around as it is unpasteurized and preservative-free. To derive all the health benefits from your products it’s best to drink right away.
  • Don’t store juice in a juicer. After the juicing process is done remove the juice from the juicer and pour it into a jug and if there is any leftover juice store it in the fridge.
  • Don’t use a spoon, knife, or any other item to push down ingredients into a juicer. Not only can this destroy the juicer but you may injure yourself during the process. You should use a plunger at all times.
  • Do not wait up to clean your juicer. You should clean it as soon as possible after you are done juicing. If you can’t clean it there and there, it’s better to rinse it and wash it later than just to leave it as it is.

In a Nutshell

As mentioned above,  juicers’ lifespan depends on the brand, quality, and price. However, regardless of the type of juicer you own, if you want to maximize its lifespan, it is highly recommended that you keep it clean and perform the necessary routine maintenance.

If your juicer is from a reputable brand, then you may buy spare parts from the market or the brand website. . but if you have trouble with your juicer motor .. it may cost more to fix than buying a new juicer. 

If you want to enjoy the full benefits of a juicer for a long time, I highly recommend that you buy a durable and solid juicer. Happy juicing!


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