Omega vsj843 vs Omega vrt400 – comparison in details

Both of these vertical juicers are the product of Omega and comes with 15 years of warranty. they have some similarities and dissimilarity too.

But what’s the main difference between vsj843 and vrt400? vsj843 is a newer model than that of vrt400. Those are mainly different in design, motor speed, noise level, foam in the juice, pulp in the juice.

Unlike vrt400, vsj843 produce less foam and less pulp in the juice. You will get more yield too from vsj843 juicer.

To know more in details check out the below video and tables .

Comparison Between omega vsj843 and Vrt400

omega vsj843omega-vrt400
designsquire / roundround
RPM/ noise level more quite
43 rpm
more quite
80 rpm
Foam in the juiceLessmore
Pulp in the juiceless pulp/fibrelittle more pulp/fibre
juice yieldgood
little more than vrt400
cleaning timelittle more than vrt400less cleaning time
Price range$350 – $450$350 – $450
know moreknow more know more

Differences in details

Design difference:

Omega vrt400 comes with round shape only. this model doesn’t have so much variation models on the other hand omega vsj843 comes with different shapes (square, round ) and colours (red white silver).

Omega vrt400 has lower footprint than that of vsj models

Different color and shape in vsj843 are given below.

Omega vsj843
Omega vsj843
Omega vsj843
Model name

Impact of juice Screen area:

vsj843 has larger screen area than that of vrt400. which causes the difference in juice yield, cleaning time. more the screen area, more the juice yield and cleaning time.

vrt 400 has lower foot print in kitchen counter than that of vjs843 models.

Impact of juicing speed :

both of these juicers come with low speed (less than 80 rpm) and that slow speed is good for making quality juice with more nutrients. As slow juicer produces less heat and oxidation. less the speed, less the juice foam and juice operation noise.

vsj843 comes with only 43rpm which is about half speed of vrt 400 juicer ( speed 80 rpm). that’s why, slow squizzing technology in vsj843 will give you more yield, and nutrition. your juice will be less foamy. moreover, your juicer will be less noisy compare to vrt400 juicer.

Similarities among two juicers

omega vsj843 or vrt 400
juicer brandOmega
juicer typemasticating type vertical juicer
Warranty15 year
Juice quality and testGood
CleaningEasy takes about 2 to 3 min
Motor power1/5 HP Condensed Motor

omega vsj843 review

You can rely on this Omega VSJ843 vertical slow masticating juicer for its great performance and longer warranty period

Yield and nutrition: This juicer gives high yield and nutrition. its high yield is possible as it has Dual-stage juicing system. and high-quality juice is possible as it uses masticating and low extraction speed which is like 43 rpm . not only that juice made out of this juicer has more shelf life than other fast extracting juicer machine.

Design: it has elegant look and you will need a small kitchen counter space for your juicer. . for me, if i put your juicer in shelf or out of my sight I forget about juicing most of the time.

The operation, noise level, and cleaning: This juicer is easy to operate and clean . not only that, this juicer is quiet when juicing and you will be able to make juice in the early morning without waking your family or roommates.

within 3 min you can complete your cleaning. moreover, this juicer comes with an autocleaning system

But you need to cut produce before you put the produce inside the juicer and it comes with higher price tag.

if you want to know more or check price of omega VSj843 then visit Amazon

Who should consider this juicer

whoever is health conscious, want most nutrition from their juice and has better shelf life 72 hours and juice has no toxic bpa

whoever want all types juice from leafy green, hard and soft.. fruits and vegetables

who want to juice in the morning at home and dorm ..without awaking every body

cleaning is bridge and fast,

Pros and cons of omega vsj843

  • Smaller footprint : will take less space in your kitchen
  • Extra slow speed 43 rpm ensures quality juice or less oxidation and better shelf life
  • dual stage juicing will ensure highest yield
  • juice tap feature allows conveniently to mix up juice
  • BPA free : no toxic chemical to ingest when taking your juicer
  • can process every produce under the sun : leafy green, hard and soft fruits and veggie
  • you can be worry free with with omega’s 15 years of warranty to this juicer


  • need high initial investment but you will save lot in long run for its high yield of this juicer .you can take this juicer as an investment for your family’s well being
  • and you will need to cut produces before putting inside your juicer

. it comes with 15 years of warranty. another juicer producer-only gives short warranty for their juicer motor only. omega ensures you don’t worry about your about juicer at all for a long time.

omega vrt400 review

Omega VRT 400 is one of the most powerful masticating vertical omega juicers on this list. Its performance level is beyond exceptional. Plus, it is ultimately one of the most productive and efficient juicers that produce rich, tasty juice effortlessly. It maintains all the nutrients, vitamins, and natural taste of the fruits and vegetables when processing.

This juicer also has a powerful motor; you can use it to juice beetroots, citrus, celery, wheatgrass, carrots, amongst others, without any problems. Omega VRT 400 is one of the most popular vertical juicers due to its quick clean up time and performance. It is also among top masticating juicers that are worth the money. Therefore, purchasing it would make a great addition to your kitchen.


  • It is a single auger heavy-duty juicer.
  • It has a compact design automatic pulp ejection.
  • It operates at the slowest speed of 80 RPM and has a motor power of 150-Watts.
  • It features a no-drip juice tap at the end of the juice spout, which you can use to create a mixing function during the juicing process.
  • Highly durable as it has a sturdy stainless steel body plus it is BPA free; thus, it produces healthier juice.
  • It has a reverse function.
it is very versatile, and you can use it to make more than juice.
You can juice up your fruits and vegetables continuously with the automatic pulp ejection.

Unlike other juicers, with Omega VRT 400, you control the pulp amount you want in your juice. You can effortlessly adjust the amount of pulp you want by using the fine or coarse juicing screens that come with it.

Juice made from Omega VRT 400 has a longer shelf life because it uses low speed, reducing heat build-up and oxidation.
Prone to Clogging
if you put lot of produce in short time than this juicer will stop working . and you will need reverse button to push

Pulpy Juice: this juicer produce pulpy juice and

Can l use this juicer to make smoothies?
No, you cannot use this juicer to make smoothies. The Omega VRT 400 is mainly meant for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables only, not to blend fruits and vegetables. To prevent your juicer from facing any technical difficulties in the future, use a blender to make smoothies rather than a juicer.

Does this juicer eject pulp into the juice?
Yes, this juicer ejects some pulp into the juice. However, if you don’t like the pulp, you can use the strainer that comes along with it to strain out all the pulp that goes into the juice. You can also use the screen when you are processing the juice to ensure that no pulp gets into your juice.


Both are products of omega and comes with 15 years of warranty and both juicers are vertical juicer but vrt400 is the older model and vsj843 is newer model of omega. whichever you pick you can’t be wrong.

If you prefer the newer model, less foam and pulp in your juice then you should take vsj843 over vrt400. not only that vsj843 models will give you little bit better yield than that of vrt400

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