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10 Juicer Brands And Where They Are Manufactured (With example)

As the world moves towards living a healthy lifestyle, juicing fruits and vegetables has become a global trend. Many manufacturers worldwide are competing to produce the best juicer in the world to meet consumer’s needs and demands.

Here, you will find the most popular juicer brands currently on the market and reveal where they are manufactured.

Juicer BrandsManufactured inWarranty Period
OmegaChina and South Korea10 to 15 years
BrevilleSydney U.S.A.1 to 10 year
HuromKorea10 year for motor
other parts 2 year
KuvingsKorea1 to 10 year
ModAustralia5 year parts
20 year motor
Nama South Korea20-year on motor
2-year on all parts
TribestAnaheim California, USA5 to 15 year
AngelSouth Korea5 years on motor,
3 years on parts
AicokChina 3 Years of Quality Assurance
lifelong technical consultation.
Champion USAmotor 10 years limited warranty

The juicer warranty period is one of the good indicators, how much a company believes in its juicers.

Besides, where juicer is manufactured, you should know about warranty period, customer care, juicer performance, ease of use, cleaning ease, and so on before purchasing a juicer.

Below, you can know more about these juicer brands and what are the most sold juicers of those brands

1.    Where are omega juicers made (with juicer example)

Omega is a world-leading juicer brand that develops juicers that are precisely engineered and manufactured with quality materials. It is once formally known as Olympic before the company changed it to Omega. All Omega juicers are made in South Korea except for Omega 8002, Omega 8007, and Omega 8008, which were made in China.

Omega is one of the best juicer brands globally that develops all styles of juicers that range from citrus, centrifuge, pulp ejection, and masticating low-speed juicers. Omega is one company that has consumers/users’ needs at heart; all their juicers are tailor-made specifically to cater to consumer’s needs.

For instance, one of the popular juicer models like Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Slow Masticating juicer is manufactured in Korea. and It takes juicing and the preservation of rich nutrition and natural taste to a whole new level.

Some of the most sold Omega juicers: Omega 8006, omega NC900, omega Vsj843 (Slow or masticating juicers). They come with 10 to 15 years of warranty.

2.    Where are Hurom juicers made?

Hurom is a company that produces and designs some of the best juicers in the world. It is a well-known company that manufactures formidable juicers that are portable, durable, and efficient. The company offers a wide range of centrifugal and slow masticating juicers with an exceptional level of performance. All Hurom juicers are made in Korea.

Hurom juicers are highly efficient juicers that extract high-yield juice from just a few ingredients. Their juicers are also specifically designed to handle any fruit or vegetables. Cleaning Hurom juicers is also quite a breeze.

Hurom juicers win for both style and function; their juicers are particularly eye-catching; like the Hurom HZ slow juicer, it adds color and elegance to the kitchen. Moreover, it features just about everything that you could want out of a juicer.

3.    Where are Kuvings juicers made?

Kuvings is one of the best juicing brands that is well-regarded in the world of juicing. Kuvings is a Korean-based company known for manufacturing some of the most productive and efficient juicers. Not only does Kuvings specialize in juicers, but the company also develops small kitchen appliances. 

Kuvings is an excellent juicing brand that will last you a long time due to its quality and durability. Kuvings is one juicing brand that excels at developing quiet juicing models. Plus, juicing with Kuvings does not feel like a chore as their juicers make juicing fast and easy.

Some of the Kuvings juicers are pretty versatile, and they take versatility to the next level with their multi-functionality. For example, the Kuvings NJE-3570U is one of the best horizontal models on the market. It features a series of 7 nozzles that you can use to extrude pasta, grind coffee beans, and whip soy milk with just one machine. You can make smoothies, nut milk, baby puree, and sorbets with this juicer.

4.    Where are Mod juicers made?

Mod is one of the best-rated brands on the market because of their juicers. Mod provides high-quality, durable juicers that stand the test of time. Their juicers are also backed up by generous warranties.

Mod is a company that is based in Australia, but the company also has a branch in the USA. However, all of their juicers are made in Australia.

The best thing about this brand is that almost all of their juicers are tailor-made to ensure that juicing experience won’t feel like a chore to you. Mod is one juicer company that endeavors to simplify health and wellness; it helps users achieve and maintain their health goals. As a result, the company develops high-quality, stylish, and easy-to-use juicers.

For example, the Mod Cold Presser juicer makes maintaining a healthy life easy. This model is highly recommended for its two-stage juicing process, making it suitable for all types of vegetables and fruits.

5.    Where are Breville juicers made?

Breville juicers are the best-in-class juicer in the world of juicing machines. It is a trusted name in the world of juicers, and you could never go wrong with any of their juicers. It is one of the best juicer brands on the market that provides top-notch juicers. All Breville juicers are manufactured in Sydney, U.S.A

The brand offers a wide range of versatile juicers that users can use to enjoy more customized juice. They make several juicers which range from centrifugal, masticating to triturating. You are spoilt for choice with Breville juicers

The Breville brand provides juicers with user-friendly mechanisms and a notable juicing system. For example, Breville’s 800JEXL Fountain Elite is one of the most raved about and well-recommended juicers by users because of its extracting abilities.

few popular or most sold Breville juicers: …Fast / Centrifugal juicer-Breville JE98XL juice fountain (centrifugal juicer), Breville’s 800JEXL, and slow juicer – Breville BJS600XL

6.    Where are Nama juicers manufactured?

Nama is a well-regarded brand of juicers. It develops juicers that use patented technology to extract more juice and vital micronutrients from different fruits and vegetables. Nama juicers are manufactured in South Korea by a company that has been in the industry for over 40 years, so you are guaranteed quality.

This brand is ideal for beginners as it comes fully equipped with a recipe book, pulp, and juice container with a lid, a manual, a quick start guide, and a cleaning brush. This brand endeavors to help beginners kick start their healthy journey and help novices maintain their healthy lifestyle.

For Example, the Nama Cold Press juicer vitality 5800. Due to its multi-functionality, you can use it to make delicious and nutrient-rich juices, smoothies, plant-based milk, and frozen desserts.

7.    Where are Tribest juicers made?

Tribest brand is an industry leader in the world of juicers. Tribest has been in the business for years, and they aren’t amateurs when it comes to making quality juicers.  It is one of the most reliable brands, with high-quality, durable juicers on the market. Tribest juicers are made in Anaheim California, USA

Tribest manufactures some of the most powerful masticating slow juicers, centrifugal, horizontal, and vertical juicers. Their performance level is beyond exceptional. Most of the juicers from Tribest are versatile. They come with homogenizing attachments to use a blend, mince, grind, extrude, and food preparation.

For example, the Tribest Slowstar is one of the best all-around versatile juicers. It is ultimately the best juicer that maintains the real taste of juice and maximum food values of ingredients. Moreover, this model also lives up to the Tribest name as it has one of the best feed chutes on a masticating juicer that you’ll ever find on any other juicer brand.

8.    Where are Angel juicers made?

Angel Juicers are a famous juicing brand that is also commonly referred to as the Super Angel. Angel juicers are made in South Korea. The Angel brand has a solid reputation for its top-notch and heavy-duty juicer machines.

Angel juicers are solid performers of all fruits and vegetables. The juicer’s heavy-duty build quality makes it an excellent choice for producing juice from any hard textured fruits and vegetables.

 For example, the Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear Juicer model is widely popular as Super Angel Juicer in the USA. This juicer does a superb job of extracting all the juice out of your fruits and vegetables so you don’t waste any produce.

9.    Where are Aicok juicers made

Aicok juicers are made in China. Aicok manufacturers some unique models while some models are not so great. However, if you want to spend as little as possible and like the convenience of making a quick juice, go for Aicok juicers.

The juicing process is quicker, simpler, and more convenient with Aicok juicers. For example, the Aicok AMR 526 Wide Mouth 3-Speed Centrifugal Juicer is a powerful compact juice fountain. With this juicer, you can make your fruit or vegetable juice in a matter of seconds.

You can also easily customize and incorporate a variety of fruits and vegetables into your juice. The Aicok juicer makes it possible for you can make your own perfect healthy, tasty homemade juice.

10. Champion juicer: where is it manufactured?

Champion is a well-known brand that offers a wide range of high-quality juicers which range from heavy-duty commercial juicers to just ordinary home models. These juicers are made in USA

For example, the Champion G5- PG710 Commercial Juicer is a commercial-grade juicer with robust strength, making it excellent for everyday use. It extracts every last bit of juice available out of any fruits and vegetables.

What juicers are made in the USA?

There are a few good juicer-brands that are made in the United States of America like the Breville juicers, Champion juicers, Tribest juicers.

Most of the juicer brands are either from China or Korea, with the exception of a few that are made in the U.S.A and Australia.

Most Sold Models of each brand

For a better experience, I highly recommended you to consider juicers that are made in the U.S.A or Korea, as most of the time they are sturdy and durable, and comes with a long warranty and better customer support.

Juicer BrandsManufactured inMost sold models
OmegaChina and South KoreaSlow/ masticating juicers –
Omega 8006, omega NC900, omega Vsj843
BrevilleSydney U.S.A.Fast / Centrifugal juicer-
Breville JE98XL juice fountain,
Breville 800jexl
slow juicer – Breville BJS600XL
HuromKoreaslow juicer – Hurom H-AA, Hurom HH-SBB11
KuvingsKoreaKuvings Whole Slow Juicer Elite C7000S
ModAustraliaMOD Cold Press Juicer
Nama South KoreaNama Cold Press juicer vitality 5800
TribestAnaheim California, USATribest GSE-5000 Cold Press
Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar
AngelSouth Koreathe Super Angel 5500 Twin Gear
AicokChinaAicok Slow juicer AMR521
Champion USAChampion Classic 2000, Champion G5- PG710


It is of utmost importance that you buy a juicer from a reputable, well-known brand. To avoid being duped, do a little bit of research before you invest in a juicer.

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