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Top 15 Cool gadgets beside your Juicer !! – Needed for Juicing

Preparation, storing or serving of juice can be easy as pie (literary) if you have some cool gadgets like below beside juicers. I searched for a long time to find out some juicing gadgets that are really necessary for many of us for fast and fun juicing. These gadgets are affordable and environmentally friendly. Those cool gadgets are given below for your edge.

 Top 15 Gadgets for juicing are ..


 Kitchen Art Scrap Trap :

Did you often find your kitchen remaining in the floor …when you try to scrap the remaining by hand carefully  after you cut fruits or veggie?  this cool tool will solve that problem and it can be a great tool who like juicing or kitchen work but not so much cleaning.

Vegetable Brush:

To clean up your vegetable you must need a brush that fits well in your palm and environment friendly. Bamboo brush is one of them that resist water and protect you from bacteria when cleaning your vegetables.

Pineapple Peeler Corer Slicer Cutter:

It is one of the excellent gadget for the Pineapple lover. It can help you most at the time of cutting pineapple.


Cutting Board:

In order to do juicing you must need a well-handled, cleanable, and non-slipping cutting board. You will find many Epicure polypropylene boards that vary in different colors from the market.

4. Orange Peeler:

Citrus peeler can help you from getting messy by orange juice. It is a cheaper and available product.

5. Measuring Cups:

If you are a professional juicer then you can measure the juicing amount by a stainless steel measuring cup. You can measure a perfect cup of spinach, berries or other fruits by a measuring cup.

 Mango slicer : 

you will be able to slice mangoes in short time.

  Easy Grip Apple Slicer:

Sometimes you may need to core an apple or other fruits for an occasion. You can use an apple corer that is made by Calphalon which will enable to serve fruit easily and quickly.

Strawberry Stem Remover:

If you want to make a beautiful juicing presentation then you can use Strawberry stem remover to do it.


 Mason Jars :

If you want to juice a large amount and have to store them, then you should use Ball mason jars. They have a wide mouth that can be sealed tightly.

 Stainless Steel Bottle:

If you want to take juice into Glass or Plastic bottles, then it is not safe as the glasses are breakable and the plastic bottles leach chemicals. So, if you take them into a stainless steel bottle then it is safe. These stainless steel bottles are a variety of colors and can hold 16 ounces in a jar.

 Paring Knife:

Some of us do not take this gadget as an important one, but I think it can make your juicing process easier. There are different kind of knives in the market and all of them are different in price and quality. They all are well fitted and stay sharp for many days.

 Reusable Produce Bags:

It is an earth saving plastic bag that is reusable, lightweight and variety in colors. You can reuse them while purchasing vegetable or fruits.

Vegetable Peeler :

Vegetable peeler is one of the important kitchen item that made juicing preparation easy. In my own experience I think the OXO is the right vegetable peeler for your that are suitable for both right and left handed.


Produce Saver Disk:

If you want to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time, then you can choose a produce saver disk to keep these fruits fresh 3 times longer. It can absorb ethylene gas that comes from some vegetables.

Lettuce Keeper:

It can reserve not just lettuce but also other vegetables up to two weeks in fridge. It keeps the juice moist and can be fitted in a small place in fridge.


Coconut Meat Removal Knife:

this is Coconut Meat Removal Knife which is easy to use can try them.

Here are the all 15 cool gadgets that make your juicing comfortable, interesting and enjoyable. So, buy them and enjoy your daily juicing.


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