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Top 10 Juicing Tips for Beginners and Pro !

Below 10 juicing tips (+2 extra) will increase  your  health benefits of juicing .  You may already know, Juices are not just sources of vitamins, nutrition .., they can be fun or yummy too. Without farther intro, lets dive into those juicing tips..

Top Ten Juicing Tips are given below

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Top ten juicing tips are …

1. Start Slowly:

Do not try to add too much green leaves or vegetables when you start juicing for the first time. Start slowly or add one by one .too much green can be indigestible for your stomach. You should gradually increase the amount of green leaves or vegetables when your stomach will give a green signal.

2. Wash your produces:

Wash your fruits and vegetables carefully. The fruits or vegetables that you want to juice may be touched with pesticides or other harmful germs. So it is a good idea if you clean them with an effective solution

3. Peel

Before juicing, you should peel banana, oranges, avocados, pineapples and kiwis. You should do that even those are organic produce.

4. Organic or non-organic produce:

The organic produce always contains much nutrition than the non- organic produce. Non-organic produce contains many harmful chemicals like arsenic, leads or pesticides. So, we should eat organic as much as we can. But if you have no option but eat non organic produces you should peel your produce before juicing to reduce harmful effects.

5. Cutting your produces

Cut all the produce into small pieces to be fitted into juicers tube without jamming. In time, you will know which size work best for your juicer.  By the way, big mouth juicers need less cutting of produces.

6. Should you use Stem and leaves?

Stems and leaves of most produces contain nutrients and you can use those for juicing too. And those stems will not spoil or hurt your juice. For instance, you can use strawberry caps, stems and leaves of beet, stems of small grapes and so on.

7. Try to drink your juice immediately:

My suggestion is, Try to drink immediately after you make your juice. But in general, juice produce from a centrifugal juicer remain good for 24 hours and juice from masticating juicers may remain good for 72 hours maximum.

juice starts to lose its nutritional value after you have juiced it. Juice oxidizes when kept in open air and oxidization destroys nutrients and colors of a juice.

8. Do not consider juice as a meal replacement:

Juice can help you by avoiding over-eating and provides more nutrition instead of snacking but it does not contain as much protein as your meal has. So, thinking of replacing juice as your meal is not a good idea. Drink juice before having your meal because you can get more benefits while you drink it in empty stomach. Moreover, it also helps you by decreasing your hungriness and keep away over eating habit.

9. Start Juicing with some vegetables:

Try to start juicing with some vegetables as vegetable has great nutritional value. It will be better if you add vegetables one by one into your juice, because sometimes your stomach does not handle those vegetables perfectly. Vegetable juice is much more helpful than fruit juice since fruit juice is high in sugar.

 10. Use the pulp in your juice to get more nutrition and to save money:

There is nothing wrong to through your juicer leftovers or pulp as you get most of the nutrients from your juice and some hardly can digest pulp or fiber. But you can use your pulp as recipes of salad, pancake and so on to get more nutrition and save money. To know more about pulp recipes read my post… here.

11. Buy the best juicer:

Try to buy a good juicer which can juice up your produce well as well as nutrition., Masticating or Cold press Juicer squeezes the juice slowly and prevents oxidization.

12. Juice every day:

Try to drink juice every day. It will be better if you take juice twice a day. Drinking juice before taking meal or in the morning is good for health.

I hope you will be benefited following my above advice. if you want, you can ask or suggest in below comment section.

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