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Best Juicers: How to choose one!

Are you looking for the best juicer? Then you are in the right place.

As you know, buying a juicer is a  financial and health-wise big investment …and there are so many juicer brands and juicer models in the market these days, it’s normal to be overwhelmed easily.

If you are in a hurry, you can check out these juicer models below

Best juicers on the market 2024

JuicersBest forWarranty
Omega NC900HDC (Know More)Top Pick- Horizontal slow juicer15 years
Omega VSJ843QS (Know More)Top Pick – Vertical Slow Juicer15 years
Aeitto Big Mouth( Know More )Budget pickNone
Breville JE98XL ( Know More )Top Centrifugal juicer1 yr

My Suggestion

If you are serious about juicing, I recommend taking one of the slow ( Masticating juicers or twin gear juicers) Over a centrifugal juicer,

As the masticating types will reduce your cost in the long run. these type juicer can can give you high yield,

so you will need fewer vegetables or fruits to produce the same amount of juice from your slow juicer than centrifugal juicers.

You can find you have saved a lot by using your masticating juicer after one or two years. And high-quality testy juice of slow juicer may give you such a wonderful experience that will encourage you to continue juicing for the rest of your life.

but, If you are not sure whether juicing is for you. you might like to have one centrifugal juicer .

Let’s know from an expert, 

Now let’s know more, What makes a juicer a Good juicer in details

The first thing you should know, there are different types of juicers. And there is no single perfect juicer model or type for everyone;

Each juicer has its pros and cons.  Your perfect juicer is the one that serves your need most!

first thing You should decide, what fruits or vegetables you will use for juicing?

(As some juicers are better for juicing leafy green and some are better with citrus fruits and so on.)

then look for the juicer features that you value most.

( some of the most wanted features in juicers are …juice quality, cleaning ease, juicing time, juicer-brand so on)

What fruits or vegetables you want to use for juicing?

  • If you like hard (or root) fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, Beat then you should take a centrifugal juicer or horizontal masticating juicers
  • if you like soft fruits like pineapple, and so then you should choose Vertical slow juicers. Other type juicers like centrifugal and horizontal type slow juicers will not be as you will get less yield and cleaning will be harder.
  • If you like leafy green ( leafy greens or wheatgrass), then you are better off with horizontal type -slow-juicer. You should know you can make juice using other types of juicers, too, but for best yield and ease of juicing, it’s better to take a horizontal type slow juicer.

Depending on the fruits or vegetables you want to juice,  you should choose your juicer type ( ex. centrifugal juicers, masticating, or slow juicers) 

Are you looking for Quality juice?

Some juicers produce better quality juice than others. If juice quality is the highest priority, then you should choose a masticating (or slow juicer) over a fast centrifugal juicer.

There are too many juicers in the market, but most of them fall into a few handful types or categories. For instance .. there are masticating, centrifugal, citrus, and others. You should know which juicer type can serve your need better.

juice quality depends on your juicer type and whether it’s made of BPA free material.

As slow juicers make quality juice with less oxidization. You will be able to store your juice for longer  (up to 72 hours) than other fast juicers. 

Juicer Type: centrifugal Vs. Slow Juicer

Centrifugal JuicerMasticating / Cold press juicer
RPMaround 1300 rpmaround 80 rpm or less
Juice quality15% fewer nutrientsBetter quality
Preparation and juicing timeLess timeTime-consuming
Juice shelf life24 hour72 hour
cleaninglittle hardeasy
Noise LevelhighLow
PriceNormally Lowmost are very Highend

Why Cleaning Ease is vital

How easy to clean the juicer?: you should check out the juicer cleaning facility, as it’s one of the most vital features of a juicer. You are more likely to use your juicer more if it’s easy to assemble or disassemble and have few parts to clean. 

None of your juicer’s features will matter if you don’t use your juicer because of hard and time-consuming cleaning.

You should know, Cleaning depends on the juicer itself (area of the juicing screen, self-cleaning technology ),  what products you want to juice, and so on. you can know about the juicer-cleaning-time of different types of juicers here

Juicer typeAverage Cleaning time
Centrifugal3 to 4 min
Masticating horizontal1 to 2 min
Masticating Vertical2 to 3 min
Hydraulic press
and citrus juicer
less than 1 min
twin gear juicer3 min

Note: this table will give some idea of cleaning time for different types of juicers. You should know this juicing time was measured when just water and brush were used. ( were not done any deep cleaning by baking soda and so on).

If you are concerned about cleaning your juicer, then you should choose a horizontal-slow juicer.

as this type of juicer has less juicing screen area than that of vertical-slow-juicer and centrifugal-juicers 

Horizontal Vs. Vertical slow juicer: which one is better?

If you like slow juicers, then you have to choose from horizontal-slow-juicer or vertical-slow-juicer. It would be best if you chose your slow juicer according to your need

Table: Horizontal Vs. Vertical slow juicer

Slow juicer typeHorizontalVertical
Easy to cleanEasierlittle hard
Specializationgreen leafy greens
like kale and so on
Soft fruits
like pineapple and so on
( baby food, nut butter
and so on)
VersatileNot so Versatile
ExampleOmega NC900,
Omega NC800
Omega Vsj843,
Breville BJS600XL

Normally, Horizontal type juicers are easier to clean, simple to use, versatile, can juice everything but better with leafy greens.

And Vertical type juicers are stylish, can juice everything but better with soft fruits. 

I personally have a horizontal slow juicer omega8007 (it’s an old model from the Omega brand). I choose that juicer because it is easy to clean and easy to use. 

Brand & Warranty

As normally juicer screen or others, parts need more replacement than the juicer’s motor. 

I recommend choosing a juicer with a good warranty period from big manufacturers as they have a lot of experience building these.

Most of the juicers are from China, Korea, or the USA.  I personally like Korean or USA juicer manufacturers because they have better build quality and a longer warranty period. 

But you should know,  with few exceptions, most juicer Brands tend to give a warranty on their motor, not so much on other parts. 

for example, juicers from the Omega brand come with 15 or 10 years of warranty for the whole juicer.

on the other hand, Juicers from Nama Brand comes with 20 years of warranty on the motor, and 2 years of warranty for other parts

So look for a juicer that comes with the some warranty for the whole juicer, not just for the motor alone. 

You can know more about  Juicer Brands And Where They Are Manufactured (With their warranty length) in my other article. 

Other Features to considers in a juicer

You should consider taking a less noisy juicer if you live with family or friends and want juice in the morning. In that case, you should use a slow or masticating juicer instead of a loud centrifugal juicer.

 Check the feed tube
The bigger the feed tube is, the better your experience will be. If your juicer has a big mouth or a large feed tube, you will need less cutting of ingredients before you put into your juicer.

 Reviews and ratings:

Before buying any juicer, you should consider three things:  The ratings of the juicer, The reviews of the customer, and The number of purchasers.

Yielding capacity
Check whether your juicer can produce much from the least amount of fruits and vegetables. Choose the one that can extract about 90% juice from the pulp. The high yielding capacity of a juicer enables you to save money.

Check the versatility
It would be best if you choose a juicer that has the capacity to juice different types of fruits and vegetables. The juicer should have the ability to juice from hard to soft fruits and vegetables.

 Check the reverses direction and multiple speeds.
Multiple speeds of a juicer enable a user to produce different types of juices. Moreover, the reverse direction of a juicer enables users to juice continuously.

Continuous juicing
Ensure that your juicer can eject the pulp into a container instead of gathering them into the center basket. Otherwise, you might need to stop the juicer frequently to wash out the pulp.

Most Sold juicers

JuicersBest forWarranty
Omega NC900HDC (Know More)Top Pick- Horizontal slow juicer15 years
Omega VSJ843QS (Know More)Top Pick – Vertical Slow Juicer15 years
Aeitto Big Mouth( Know More )Budget pickNone
Breville JE98XL ( Know More )Top Centrifugal juicer1 yr


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