Omega VRT350X review: should you buy Omega VRT350X Juicer?

Omega VRT350X review: should you buy Omega VRT350X

If you like quality juice and beautiful design of omega vrt350 in low price then you should grab these masticating juicers. It cost less than that of vrt350 juicer.

This Omega VRT350X is factory certified recondition of popular omega vrt350 hd juicer . Which is single auger low-speed Masticating juicer.. omega vrt350x dual stage juicing ensure high productivity of this juicer.

Refurbished vs used – omega 350 vrt hd juicer

There are big difference “refurbished” and “used” omega vrt350 juicer. Refurbished omega vrt 350 hd ( omega vrt350x) are tested and verified in factory to keep it free from defects or to keep functional . On the other hand,  used omega vrt 350 hd may or may not be defective.  obviously its better to have “refurbished” than “used” one.

Comparison Table: Refurbished  vs New omega 350 vrt hd juicer :

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Pros and cons of omegaVRT350X


  • Warranty: It comes with 7 years of warranty.
  •  Cheap :

You can buy used Omega VRT350  as cheap as $171 ( price found in amazon, at 4th may 2015). But you should know, its a special offer valid for limited time. condition and delivery are granted under “Amazon A-to-z Guarantee”.

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  • Auto cleaning: auto cleaning feature of this juicer make it easy to clean in shortest time.
  • Certified: omega vrt350x is as good as omega vrt350 .- because it is certified Reconditioned of omega vrt 350 juicer. Every unit of omega vrt350x is certified and shipped in the same box as new.
  • This juicer produces high-quality juice by less oxidation and low heat generation in juicing time.
  • Elegant Design: you can proud of its beautiful design and will need less counter space.
  • Silent operation: this juicer’s silent operation is one of its main features.
  • This juicer can juice almost all fruits and vegetables. It can juice wheatgrass too.


Warranty: it includes 7 years warranty. Omega vrt350 has 10 years of warranty. But, 7 years of warranty is not bedded either.

Omega vrt350x Review from customers:

Current users overall rating of omega vrt 350x is 4.6 out of 5 from 29 buyers. this means 90% of people are satisfied with this juicer and which good. but you should read the user review of this juicers before buying one.

Let see what some owner of this juicers has to say about this juicers..

 Similar statement from 8 reviewers is

“compare to other juicer it’s really easy to clean ..i am in love with its auto cleaning feature of this juicer ”

“its overcome my every expectation ..its works like original ..happy to have this juicer”

Review was Paraphrased for size – view original review here

juicer don’t come with free shipping offer?

No, it doesn’t come with amazon free shipping offer. But amazon gives  24-hour delivery facility.

How long is the warranty for this juicer?

It comes with 7 years of warranty.

where to buy cheap this juicer?

Get cheap Omega-VRT350X juicer by comparing prices!


In a nutshell:

Low price, Long warrenty period  and factory certified recondition of popular omega vrt350 hd juicer makes it an attractive offer

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