Juicer Vs Blender : which one to choose ?

Juicing vs blending which one is better for your health : which one to chose juicer or blender ?

Its hard to choose one over the other. Juicing and blending develop different results and those have different purpose. Juicer helps to extract nutrients and vitamins ( without fibers). The blender makes the proper use of fiber from the fruits. if both are good  .. then question arise which one should you buy first ? if you have limited budget ..(. will be discussed below)

now let see.. the Difference Between Juicer and Blender !

Juicer Vs Blender

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• Fiber :

Juicing helps to separate the fiber from the fruits, while on the other hand blending integrates it to drink. The juicing only prepare liquid drink but blending holds the pulp that’s why it’s become more coarse drink.

Amount of fruits and vegetables:

Juicing only extracts the essence of fruits as a result it needs more vegetables and fruits to fill a glass. Blending can use the total fruit as a result it can make more liquid. In the costly manner, blending is less expensive than juicing.

now , question may arise .. do we need to through leftovers from juicer or is juicing waste of money ? ..no its not .. you can read my article “10  tips to use juicer pulp as recipes”.

energy for absorb:

You will need more energy and time to digest the fiber of smoothie produce by a blender. But, you don’t need much energy and time to absorb the pure juice.

• preparation time:

ending needs more time to prepare for blending but juicing doesn’t need more time to prepare. After juicing you may need much time to clean it. Blending can cut, chop and prepare the total ingredients while the juicing just excludes the pulp from the juicer.

final thought

Both of them have merits and demerits.  Perhaps, you need to buy both juicer and blender to get your different purpose done.

which one to buy first juicer or Blender ? if you have limited budget

if i have limited budget , i will take juicer first .  I personally prefer juicing over blending as juice are easy to make and easy to consume  and gives almost instant result. like to hear your thoughts ..

thank you

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