Used Norwalk juicers

Used Norwlk juicers

May be you want to have one for your your family need.  For your convenience , we are going to focus on some areas of this norwalk juicers

the focused areas or table of content – are

  1. why you should buy one? or benefit of this juicer.
  2. history- who is Dr. Norwalk?  or what he is famous for.
  3. See the video of a norwalk juicer. to know more about this juicer –
  4. where you can buy this norwlk juicer in cheap or used one in less price.

#Benefits of norwalk juicer-

  • Hydraulic Press Juicer-This juicer is Fast and can elimination twice more juice from material than other juicers. Not only in quantity it also can juice quality juice, which contains more nutrient content. The Juice we get is cool and completely pulp free. This Juice can be stored for the later use.

Do you know who is Dr.  Norwalk ? and what is he famousr for

  • Salad making-You can make salad fast and finely chopped for those with dental or other problems.
  • Nut Butters- Easy preparation of smooth peanut without adding any oil.
  • Cereals – You can make cereals for breakfast or animal foods for your pet.
  • Baby Foods-Make chopped or strained baby foods from cooked vegetables, meats or fruits taken from family meals.
  • Coffee Grinder, Flour Mill,-Ice Cream, Just combine the ingredients of simple home recipes and freeze them in your ice cube trays. Put through the Norwalk for a

consistency rivaling the finest store-bought ice cream.

  • Frozen Fruit-Freeze fruits, melons and berries, and put them through the Norwalk to provide a smooth ice cream like dessert.
  • Snow Cones -Shave ice from ice cubes for iced drinks, confections and snow cones.



According to the wikipedia, Dr. Norman ,a American scientist,  was pioneer in the field of vegetable juicing and nutritional health. He advocated the drinking of fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices, both to regain and to maintain one’s health. Based on his design, the Norwalk Hydraulic Press Juicer was developed. This juicer continues to be produced and sold today. Walker wrote several books on nutrition and healthy living.

# See this video on Norwalk Juicer model275

  1. see live demonstration of this juicer
  2. what can you juice with it.

#where to buy used norwlk juicers?

want to buy a used norwalk juicers-maybe you like to have one from Ebay. usally new one will cost lot . but used one will cost from as low as 10 dollar to 600 dollar .


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  • Norwalk juicer doesn’t only use one approach to extract juice from different materials

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