Top 3 Home Made Juice Drinks For Hangover

Going out with friends and having a few beers or cocktails in new years eave or any normal weekend night, to unwind, is a part of the fun life for many now a days. But dealing with morning hangovethe morning afterr next day is annoying and very uncomfortable. With the help of healthy juicing, you can decrease the negative effects of too much alcohol to keep up with normal life.

There are three great hangover juice recipes for getting over a hangover are given below.

1# Dubbed the Post Birthday Blast Pick Me Up consists of:

• Three peeled carrots

• One sliced beet-root

• Two whole apples

• One cucumber

• One whole pear

• One peeled orange

• One peeled lemon

Place this concoction into the juicer to get a few glasses of this juice. This concoction will help to clear out the liver and flush the system.

2# One hangover juice that requires few ingredients is the cauliflower, broccoli, and apple juice. This recipe simply calls for:

• One cup of cauliflower

• One cup of broccoli

• One apple

This can be juiced to receive a drink high in calcium, magnesium, and Vitamin C. This juice is created to relieve stress, headaches and to detox the body. This juice is great for those who have a few ingredients in the house and don’t want to make a long trip to the store. These ingredients can be kept on hand the night before a night out at the bar.

3# One tasty, post all night partying treat that can help hangovers is this mixture that has a good combination of fruits and vegetables, which are:

• One carrot

• One Apple

• ¼ cup of watermelon

• Two cabbage leaves

• One grapefruit

• One orange

• ½ beet root

Throw these ingredients into the juicer for a pick me up after one too many shots. This can also be prepared and put in the refrigerator the night before so that it is prepared when you get home.

These are just few juice drink …you can suggest or share your own anti hangover recipe too with readers ..

Happy new year everybody


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