Super Angel 5500 juicer Reviews – worth the price tag !

angel_juicer_5500If you are a health-conscious individual, you will want to take a look at the Angel 5500 juicer. This modern juice extractor is not only easy to use, but it is loaded with a lot of other useful features too.

In this review, we will cover the basic description of the product as well as its pros and cons. You will then be able to make a careful assessment of the juicer and decide for yourself if this brand and model of juice extractor are suitable for you or not.

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The Super Angel 5500 Juicer is one of the most advanced juicers that you will find on the market today. The high-grade stainless steel materials used in making their juicers make the products not only attractive but durable as well.

You can extract juice from all types of fruits and vegetables in the Angel 5500Juicers. Apples, pears, cucumbers and carrots are easily processed by the machine, and you can also juice leafy vegetables like spinach and parsley.

With the Super Angel 5500 Juicer ’s modern twin gear design, you can make all your juice recipes easily and quickly. And cleaning up the unit is a breeze too.

Angel 5500 Juicer Review…  !!

Pros and cons of super angel 5500 juicers


• Time-saver – The juicer only takes a few minutes to make juice preparations for 1 person or for an entire family.

• Efficient – With the unit’s built-in slow processor (86 RPM), all nutrients are preserved in the fruits and vegetables that you put into the juicer.

• Compact design – The Angel 5500 Juicer has a very compact design, so it will not take a lot of space on your kitchen counters.


fruits and vegetable need to cut before using this juicer for juicing..because of its small feed. and you will need to push the fruits or vegetable to make juice.

• If you search online for Angel 5500 Juicer reviews, you will find that a majority of customers are pleased with the performance of this product. However, some consumers find the price of this particular model of juicer to be too expensive compared to other brands and models.

Beside these setbacks, it also gives more quality juice than many other juicers in the market.

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Angel juicer Review

Today (December 23, 2015), You can see from above image  (taken from, this angel 5500 juicer in amazon got a good rating from 5 reviewers.

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Features of super angel 5500 juicer

  • Easy to use: it is easy to use and simple to operate.
  • Easy to clean: it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to clean after juicing. just tap water is enough to clean it.
  • The quality of juice:  Using twin gears in stainless steel materials, the Angel 5500 juicer uses a press system that operates at 86 rpm. This may seem low compared to other juicers, but it’s actually the ideal speed to extract juices from fruits and vegetables. All live enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are retained in the crops when processed through this slow method.
  • strong and beautiful – The Angel 5500 juicer is made up of stainless steel materials which guarantee durability and elegant appearance as well
  • .Powerful – This brand and model of juicers are powerful. Although it operates at a low 86 rpm speed, it is powered by 3 horsepower.

Frequently asked questions about angel juicer

one of the common questions among the readers, which one is the best juicer among Angel juicers and Vertical Single Auger Juicer –  which one you should take for your need.??..You can know more about it by seeing the video

Does it Include a Warranty?

Yes. Super Angel backs this model of juicer with a 10-year warranty (motor and parts).

Final Verdict

I highly recommend this model of juice extractor to all people who want to include healthy juice recipes in their diet and want more juice from fruit and veggies. Although the price may seem a little steep, the unit works as advertised and it can outperform juicers from other brands. Indeed, the Angel 5500 Juicer is worth the money as you will not only be investing on the device but in your health as well. you can get up to 700 $ discount from Amazon when you use this link to buy !!

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