Pros and Cons of citrus fruit juicer s !!!

Here you will know about citrus juicers- mainly about-

• the good side and bad side of this type of juicer. and

• reasons to take this type of juicer

Pros and cons of citrus juicer


• Most fundamental juicer. good for citrus juicingcitrus fruit juicer post image

• Cheapest among the other type of juicers. (except commercial citrus juicer or electric citrus juicer s or )

• Small size , Easy to carry or Light weight or portable

• You can clean it within few minutes.

• Easy to assemble

• Soundless operation


• It needs manual work to use this juicer.

. this juicer waste some juice.

• It can’t be use for Pomelos fruit . though it is a citrus food.

Reason to take this juicer

1.If you and your family like to juice citrus fruits like orange, appalsin.

2. if you are looking for basic and cheap  juicer.

3.You want to use your arm power to make juice,

4 . when juicing,  if you don’t mind wasting some juice..

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