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omega vsj843 vs nc800 / NC900 – Real Comparison in Details!

If you are choosing between tvsj843 and nc800 or 900 . then you are in right place.

Lets start with the main question

What’s the main difference between omega vsj843 and nc800 or nc900?

Both of these slow juicers are from Omega Brand. But they are different in design, juicing variation or versatility, juice preparation time, yield, pulp presence in juice, and cleaning ease.

Let’s see the side by side comparison of both juicers below

Comparison table: omega vsj843 vs nc800 or nc900

Omega vsj843nc800/ nc900
Versatilitycan juice normal produce onlybesides normal juicing.
you can make frozen yogurt,
baby food, so on
the time needed
less but a little bit more than nc800 or 900less
juice qualitygood and less pulpgood but more pulp
little more juice you can get then
that of NC800
Juicing timelesslittle more
know more about vsj843 from amazonabout nc800 from amazon

Comparision in details

Design and looks

nc800 and 900 look bulky and take more kitchen counter space compared to vsj843.

vsj843 is can be square or round in shape and need-less counter space than nc800 or 900.

You should choose vsj843 if you want a beautiful looking well design juicer and also take less of your kitchen counter space.

Things they can juice ( Versatility):

Both juicers are good with most of the fruits and vegetables you can think of.

nc800 /900 is a better choice for leafy greens and mushy hard fruits like apples, pears. It does not function well with seedy soft fruits like berries and grapes.

  But  VSJ843 tends to handles the soft fruits as well because it makes smoothies and thicker juices

Unlike vsj843 , Omega nc800 (or 900) will be able to make nut milk, baby food, pasta, frozen yogurt.

Yield and juice quality:

Omega vsj843nc800/ nc900
little more juice you can get then
that of NC800
foam in juicemorelittle less than vsj
Pulp in juicemore pulplittle less pulp than vsj
speed or rpm43 rpm80rpm
juicer typemasticating verticalmasticating horizontal

Both of these two juicers are masticating juicers or cold press juicers. both use low rpm (43 to 80 rpm) for juicing. so you get the best quality juice,

Unlike other high-speed juicers (centrifugal juicers), masticating juicers produce less oxidation and heat. which ensures better quality juice.

Pulp and foam: vsj843 produces more pulp and foam compared to nc800 / 900.

both produce high quality juice and better yield , but if you prefer some pulp in your juice then you should choose vsj843 model.

Time needed for juicing :

The time needed for food preparation, juicing, and cleaning

Omega vsj843nc800/ nc900
self-feed into the
machine by gravity
you have to push
push veggies by yourself
Feed chutesmaller than nc800/ 900larger than vsj843
Cleaning timeEasy
(under 3 min)
easy cleaning
(under 2 min)
juicing screenbigger smaller
Feed chute of nc800 or nc900

feed chute: feed chute dimension determines how much you have to cut produce before juicing. smaller the chute, more chopping of produce is needed before putting it inside the juicers.

The size of the chute of NC 800, 900 are larger than vsj843 and omegas older models ( like, the 8006, 8004, 8005. 8006, 8004, 8005 are older models).

this is why you will need less preparation time if you have an nc800 or 900 models

Self-feeding: self feed-in feature of vsj843 will help you to reduce juicing time. otherwise, you have to push fruits and veggies into the juicer by yourself.

cleaning time is a little more for vsj843 because of the bigger juicing screen area and complexity than that of nc800 / 900. both juicers come within necessary cleaning tools (brush and so on).

both juicers don’t take more than 2 to 3 min for cleaning

omega nc800 and 900 are easier to clean and need less preparation, than vsj843.

but vsj843 comes with a self-feeding feature that reduces juicing time. but overall nc800 or 900 are better if you want to spend less time juicing or cleaning

Difference between vertical vs horizontal masticating juicers

Slow juicer typeHorizontalVertical
Easy to cleanEasierlittle hard
Specializationgreen leafy greens
like kale and so on
Soft fruits
like pineapple and so on
( baby food, nut butter
and so on)
VersatileNot so Versatile
ExampleOmega NC900,
Omega NC800
Omega Vsj843,
Breville BJS600XL

The auger system of these two juicers puts the ingredients into the tight chamber. Later on, grinds and presses the ingredients to take out or extract the juices from produces

Low speed of those juicers causes low heat build and low oxidation in your juice.  This helps us to get the maximum quality juices.

Similarities among two juicers

omega vsj843 or NC 800 and 900
juicer brandOmega
juicer typemasticating type / slow juicers
Warranty15 years – come with
whole juicer, not just motor only!
Juice quality and testGood
CleaningEasy takes about 2 to 3 min
BPA freeyes
juice shelf lifearound 72 hour

these omegas juicers are masticating-style juice and extract the highest nutrients possible.

both come with a long warranty period. 15 years of warranty for not just motor and whole juicer for both vsj843 and NC 800 or 900

both juicers will allow you to store your juice for 72 hours.

Common features of both juicers

  • High Juice Production
  • almost Soundless Motor
  • Cleaning is easy and quick 
  • Less Oxidation
  • Keeps Nutrients good
  • masticating, Slow Squeeze Juicing
  • 15 Years Parts & Performance


All of this slow masticating juicer comes with 15 years warranty, you can’t go wrong whichever you pick. you should choose according to your needs.

You should pick vsj843 over nc800 /900, if you want to self-feeding, high yield, don’t mind a little more pulp and foam.

juice leafy green, hard and soft produce and you like stylish design that takes less counter space.

But you should choose Omega nc800 or nc9oo juicer, if you want to juice mainly leafy greens, also like to make nut butter, pasta, baby food. Like juice with less pulp on it. and you like a juicer that is easy to clean.

Vsj843 vs vrt400 :

both are vertical masticating juicers from Omega. they have some similarities and dissimilar features. You can know more about it here Omega vsj843 vs Omega vrt400 – comparison in details

Vsj843 Vs 8006

Lots of juicers are time-consuming to clean and take space on the kitchen countertop. The VSJ843 is the latest generation juicer and it has a vertical design and takes up less space. 

8006 version is older than the newest edition and its design is also quite different than the latest edition. 

8006 takes large vegetable pieces without the need of cutting them into pieces. The 8006 edition can also juice wheatgrass, long leafy greens, etc. while the 8006 is for other functions as well; for example nut butter and sorbets.

But the  VSJ843  does not have these qualities. It cannot juice nut butter, sorbets, etc. but it has the smoothie option. Which comes as a bonus for any buyer or smoothie connoisseurs. 

nc800 vs 8006

both are horizontal juicers from omega. but nc800 or 900 is the newer model. and unlike 8006, nc800 is BPA free model. to know more about 8006 vs nc800

both 8006 and nc800 juicers I especially made for juicing vegetables and fruits, also these juicing machines are good for making nut butter, pasta and ground soy nut milk and pastes and lots of other food items. Also for pulp lovers, there’s a system to include pulps. Parts are easy to assemble and disassemble.

Takes space: If you compare with some of the other juicers in the market, these juicer consumes more space. The vegetables are to be processed and pushed into the feed chute.


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