Omega vrt 330 reviews & Comparison with vrt350 & vrt400

Is Omega vrt 330 best for your need? – read before buying one

This juicer is for –

  1. Whoever want more nutrients from their juice. Low speed motor of this juicer produce less heat and make sure your juice nutrient don’t destroy.  Moreover, unlike other juicer (centrifugal juicer) their are no oxidation in juice. so you can get most vitamins, enzymes, and minerals from from your  juice.
  2. whoever want maximum amount of juice from from fruit or veggie – dual-stage juicing system ensures  extremely dry pulp and maximum juice
  3. if you don’t want to waste juice, and want to have a simple easy to use juicer
  4. who like to juice mushy foods, different types of  fruits and veggies including leafy veggies too.
  5. if you are busy person and looking for a juicer which can be cleaned easily.
  6. if you Don’t like heavy noise of juicing.

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  • easy to use – Easy to assemble, operate, and clean and its pulp-ejection  help to get continuous juicing without interruption
  • easy to clean –
  • more juice– dual-stage juicing system ensures maximum juice and extremely dry pulp
  • it can produce best quality juice –you will be able to get more vitamins, enzymes, and minerals from from your  juice.
  • minimum counter space
  • stylish vertical design
  • silent
  • 1o year warranty


  • juicing screen – it has less stronger juicing screen compare to other omega vert juicers .

Overall its good juicer to invest or have for you and your family.

Now, Let me show – what owners of omega 330 owner has to say about it…

By Amanda, California

I am in  love with my juicer.  after reading reviews from amazon site i bought this this juicer and i am happy i did it

I am using it almost everyday for juicing vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator. but careful about making juice from fibrous items like celery, it sometime build up a little in the tube,  but that is what the brush tool is for.

Cleaning was never been easy.  after juicing, I run water through the juicer to get all of the juice out, then I pop the top off and take it to the sink and clean it with brush . I come back later and wipe off any excess water before putting it into my store. very easy.

Review Paraphrased for size – view original review here . or  you can see more reviews

Video: Review of  omega Vert 330 and other similar juicers

Most Common question in readers about popular omega vert juicers is – which one is the best among omega vrt 330 juicer, omega vrt330 hd , omega vrt 350 juicer ?- to know which one is best you can see above video and the below table..
Comparison table: omega vrt330hd vs vrt350hd vs omega vrt 400


 omega  vrtomega vrt 330 omega vrt400omega vrt350 hd
 Juicing screeNormal juicing screen 8 times better than normal 8 times better than normal
 Best use1-2 time per week best for every day use best for every day use
 Amazon User ratings 4.0 out of 5 4.5 out of 5 4.0 out of 5
Warranty10 years10 years10 years
More review LinkLinkLinkLink

this table was made in 18th November. Data may change overtime ..please visit below links for accuracy.

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