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Omega nc800 vs nc1000:Which one is Better for you?

Like many, if you are searching ” Omega nc800 vs nc1000 ” or the difference between two juicers. Look no farther: read our side by side comparison for utmost clarity.

What’s the difference between omega nc800 and nc1000? Both of these juicers are from omega. Compare to omega nc800, Omega 1000 is bulkier, quieter, has better motor power. Beside juice produce by omega nc1000, has little more pulp then that of nc800 model.

To know more in details of these juicers difference, check the table below.

Table of comparison between Omega nc800 and nc1000

Featuresomega nc800nc1000
Pulp in juiceless Pulpmore pulp
(around 25% more)
Made inSouth KoreaChina
Motor Power150 watt200 watt
SoundquiteQuieter then nc800
Price range
(it may change)
250$- 300$300$-350$
Reset Buttonnoyes
check price
in Amazon
warranty15 year15 year


juice is going through outside of the juicer filter of nc1000
  • Pulp: Some of the juice is not going through juicer filter . that’s why, nc1000 juice are little pulpy. On the otherhood, omega nc800 juice are little less pulpy .
  • Reset Button: reset button in nc1000 will hep to protect jamming of the machine.
  • motor and sound :Both are slow (80 rpm) and which is good. But nc1000 has more powerful (but will use more electricity) and quitter motor than that of nc800 model.

About the Omega NC800 HDS

Ease of Use

Omega NC800 is an easy to use juicer. Omega NC800 takes out almost all the juices out of vegetables and produces. With Omega NC800, even the cleaning task is easy. You cannot always efficiently juice vegetables and fruits wheatgrass, spinach, leafy vegetables. If you want to extract almond milk, soya milk, make baby foods. If you buy this juicer it will help you get healthy food and you will gain good health.

Clean Up

Masticating juicer helps you in a way that it takes out every drop of juice. The entire juicing process leaves very dry pulp and you automatically get the dry pulps. During the cleaning process you will see that the dried pulp does not stick to the juicer. Chute is also easy to clean. It is made in such a way the for sure the pulp is dry, juice is good and easy to drink.

Juice Quality
Omega juicer NC800 has masticating technology for gaining the juice from leafy vegetables, fruits and other hard vegetables like beetroots and carrots. Centrifugal juicer that crushes the fruits and vegetables in the juicing process, the masticating juicer squeezes out the juice. With the help of masticating juicing process, you get a good amount of juice.

Juice Yielded
There are types of juicing machines; like masticating and centrifugal. Among all the juicing machines, masticating juicers are efficient for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. Through masticating juicing machine, you get very high-quality juice and it leaves very dry pulps.

Despite the number of ingredients, the consistency of the juice and the pulp remain constant, results in minimum wastage, and gaining of essential nutrients, vitamins and the natural flavour present in the ingredients.

omega nc800 juicer is as good as nc900 but with a lesser price tag. only different is colour only. this juicer is better than omega 8006 (one of the older popular model).

But, if you want a quality juicer that makes less pulp in the juice, takes less counter space, less expensive and don’t care about the newer model, then you should take nc800 slow juicer.

omega nc1000

Easy to operate

Operating Omega NC1000HDS is easy and simple. Assembling the parts is not time consuming, it takes only one minute to assemble the parts. Assembling the parts for juicing is easy. Also dissembling the ten parts for cleaning is easy and quick.


The cleaning process is not time-lengthy. It is simple. NC1000 HDS is dishwasher safe and not time-consuming to clean. When you get free time you can wash thoroughly.

  • >Get a bowl or fill your basin with warm water.
  • >add a teaspoon of baking soda
  • >add one or two teaspoons of dishwashing soap
  • >let it rest for less than 30 minutes. Do not put motor parts.
  • >run those parts in dishwasher
  • >let it dry and put somewhere

Best is to wash your juicer then and there fast fast. It will prevent residue and stubborn dirt build up and will clean smooth and quick. The juicing screen cleaning is otherwise difficult.


this juicer is able to perform effectively and yield high quality juicing. . Normally Horizontal masticating juicing machines doesn’t perform poor when it comes to juice quality. Excellence in juicing is a prime feature of this juicer. They are good at extracting juice also for the most challenging produce like leafy greens; spinach, caresses. On top of that, it produces dryer pulp, which results in more juice .So, in the long run, it’s going to help you for your health.


Besides being a high quality and efficient juice extractor, the Omega NC1000HDS also wears many hats. With the right and proper  tools, it can be your effective food processor; nut butter maker, grinder, extrude pasta, make natural desserts, soy, almond milk maker, and so on. There is virtually no end to what you can do with an Omega juicer.


Being highly versatile, this masticating juicer can juice any type of produce. It can juice hard veggies, soft ones, citruses, and leafy greens. Also, it can also help you make soy and almond milk.

Dense and hard vegetables and fruits includes  sweet potato, pumpkin, cauliflower, apple, turmeric, carrots, cilantro, asparagus, fennel, broccoli, watermelon, pineapple, pepper, celery, beets, bitter gourd, yakon, pear, garlic, cucumber, and ginger.

Leafy greens like basil, collard greens, peppermint, moringa, dandelion greens, spinach, cabbage, wheatgrass, lettuce, brussels sprout, parsley, pine tree needles, kale, spring onion, and beet greens are not right for this machine. Horizontal masticating juice extractors are perfect for making green juices.

Babies like to eat puree sometimes. Also eating fruit purees are good for health. If you want to make puree of soft produce like cranberries,  kiwifruit, strawberry, papaya, pomegranate, peach, tomato, avocado, mango, melon, grapes, blackberry, this machine has a tool for that exact purpose. All types of juicers can process citrus fruits such as mandarin, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, lime, , and orange and so does the NC1000HDS.

You can make  soy milk, almond milk etc non-dairy milk alternatives with it. It is a versatile juicer, and that is why Omega calls it a nutrition system. It’s not just built for juicing only but also for many purposes.

If you like juice with little more pulp (around 25% more), quieter motor and like the newer model of omega over older nc800, and don’t bother by the price tag then you can take nc1000.


Both are a good product from the same omega company and comes with the same long 15 years of warranty. Both have the same cleaning, yield and easy operation function.


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