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Are Omega Juicers Good? (Explained for Beginners )

If you want to know about omega brand and wondering whether Omega juicers are good? then you are in the right place.

if you are in hurry, then you should know, Omega is a renowned brand and I like their juicers for their long warrenty and great innovative products. Omega is most famous for its slow masticating juicers. It is one of the first brands to introduce the first vertical low-speed masticating juicer.

Their juicers range from masticating low-speed juicers, citrus juicers, twin gear juicers, and centrifugal to meet your lifestyle and nutrition needs. most of them come with 15 years of warrenty.

so you don’t have to buy any more juicers for a long time if you have an Omega juicer.

Now, if you want to know more about Omega brand and omega juicers warranty, best qualities, longevity or lifespan and how well they can hold their value, and so on, then read more.

Where are omega juicers manufactured

Omega is a company that produces and designs some of the best juicers in the world. they started making juice around

Almost all Omega juicers are made in South Korea except for Omega 8002, Omega 8007, and Omega 8008, which were made in China. Omega juicers have been industry leaders in the juicer market for decades.

What are Omega juicers good for What can they juice?

Depending juicer type of your omega juicer , your juice will be able to juice different things. you can see below table.

Omega modelJuicer typeBetter withwhat they cant
omega NC900,
Horizontal slow juicer– Better with Leafy greens (kale, spinach, and so on)
– can juice Hard and soft fruits and veggies
– versatile (baby food, frozen yogurt)
omega vsj843
Vertical slow juicers– better with soft fruits( pineapple)
– can juice everything
Hard and soft fruits- Thick veggies- Leafy greens
-Not good with leafy greens
-and not versatile
High-Speed Pulp Ejection
Centrifugal– better with hard fruits and veggies (eg carrots, beet)
-Not good with leafy greens
-soft fruits and veggies
Citrus Juicer
citrus juicer– better with citrus fruit and veggies-hard and soft fruits and veggies
-no leafy green
Omega MM900HDS– Optimize for celery juice

Specialization :you should choose your juicer according to your need.

  • if you like citrus fruits then you can choose citrus juicers from omega.
  • if you like leafy green most then you are better off with a horizontal slow juicer( like Omega NC900). they are only versatile juicers, that can make your smoothies, soy milk, nut butter, frozen dessert, and many other things.

if you like soft fruits then you can pick vertical slow juicer (like vsj843) .

  • hard textured fruits like carrots, apples and radishes, and leafy vegetables while the centrifugal juicer is ideal for soft textured vegetables and fruits.

if you want to juice celery more you should see this video (about medical medium)

Omega also introduced Omega MM900HDS juicer , which is endorsed by Anthony William, The medical medium. this special type of omega juicer will handle celery very easily.

How Long Do Omega Juicers Last?

Omega juicers are made to last for a long time. They put in a lot of research and uses high-quality sturdy, and durable materials to manufacture their juicers,

but their juicers’ longevity still heavily influenced, juicer-type, frequency of use, and how well juicers are taken care of. On average, with proper care and maintenance of Omega juicers can remain functional after 10 years.

if you want to know more or compare with other brand juicers, about How Long a Juicers Last .. you can read this article

How long is the warranty?

Juicer BrandsWarranty Period
Omega10 to 15 years
Breville1 to 10 year
Hurom10 year for motor
other parts 2 year
Kuvings1 to 10 year
Mod5 year parts
20 year motor
Nama20-year on motor
2-year on all parts
Tribest5 to 15 year
Angel5 years on motor,
3 years on parts
Aicok 3 Years of Quality Assurance
lifelong technical consultation.
Championmotor 10 years limited warranty

unlike other brands, they give a warranty for the whole juicer not just for the motor alone. Normally, the motor is the least problematic part of a juicer.

Omega is one brand that stands out when it comes to warranties.  They have the lengthiest warranty period that ranges from 10 years and goes all the way up to 15 years.

I think they could give lengthy warrenty because they are confident with their product. you can check out the warrenty length of all other juicer brands and compare with omega’s here.

They provide protection and assurance to their customers just in case their juicers breakdown within the warrenty period.

How well do Omega Juicers hold their value?

Omega juicers hold their juicers’ value for long time . You can find those used omega juicers in the market still hold their price for some extent.

I checked below juicers’ price in markets (like eBay, mercari, craigslist & amazon) in 2021. The below table gives you some idea .. figure will change upon the present year, market, used juicer condition.

Used  models -in marketmanufacturedPrice for usedNew price
Omega 8006,2012199
in eaby
280 to 300 in amazon
Omega 80052006110
in ebay
262 in
Omega vrt350201295
in mercari
around 255

Used omega 8006 model (manufactured in 2012) value reduce to half of the newer price after 9 years. used omega 8005 model (manufactured in 2006) is found around USD100$ after 15 years.

you can see the sticker with the manufacturing year and month below. so you tell, see omega juicers can hold some value after a long time if they are taken good care of.


What gear do you get with an Omega Juicer?

Omega juicer, it will be fully loaded with many gears, which will help you kick start your juicing journey. Here is a list of some of the gears;
●Recipe book
●cleaning brush
● Juice and pulp collection containers. 

Are omega juicers BPA free

BPA may leach if your juice comes in contact with not BPA free plastic material. probability increase if contact time increases, and also the temperature of the juice or plastic is high.

so, Are omega juicers BPA free

the juice in omega juicers comes to contact with Plastic or stainless steel materials. Most of the parts in omega juicers are made of BPA-free plastic or steel.

things that are not BPA-free are auger and juicing-screen. when juicing with an Omega juicer, short juice-contact time and low heat with those materials reduce the probability of any leaching or so.

Besides, let’s know, how the auger and screen are well made by an expert. that reduce leaching probability to almost zero.

The Quality of Omega Juicers

Omega modelsJuicer typeFetures
omega NC900,
8006 ,omega vsj843
slow juicer
or masticating
– Easy to clean
– better quality juice
– Quite
Omega J4000
High-Speed Pulp Ejection
Centrifugal– Easy to clean
– Moderate quality juice
– Fast
Citrus Juicer
citrus juicer– Easy to clean
– quality juice

Omega is known in the world of juicing for its quality and continued innovation. They have a history of manufacturing good juicers.

below you can find few crucial features, like juice quality and taste and cleaning edge of omega juicers.

How is the juice quality and taste?

The juice quality and taste from juice made by an Omega juicer is quite exceptional.

Your juice quality and teste, depends on the omega juicer model (or juicer type) and when you are drinking juice after you make your juice.

Better quality and testy juice are available in masticating type juicers (like omega nc900, nc800 ,omega 8006 ,vsj843 ) than that of centrifugal type juicers (Omega J4000)

citrus juicer (like omega C20C) will give you good quality and teste of your citrus juice.

Very Easy To Clean

You will need around around 2 to 5 min clean time, depending on the omega-juicer type you have picked, what you juice on your juicer.

even though, omega juicers parts are dishwasher safe (except motor). i don’t recommend to use dishwasher as juicing screen is the most stubborn part in your omega juicers, need hand wash with a juicing brush.

Omega includes brush as a additional gear for cleaning purposes.

but, remember to clean your omega right after each and every juicing, it will reduce your juicer cleaning time drastically.

among the slow juicers, horizontal-type-juicers (e.g. nc9000, NC800, omega 8006) from omega are easier to clean than that of vertical type juicers (vsj843, vrt350).

omegas citrus juicers are easier to clean than other types, as they have no juicing’s screen or other complex parts.

Cleaning Omega juicers after the juicing process is quite easy.  You don’t have to hassle to clean the juicer.

Although Omega juicers have many parts, they can easily disassemble, clean, and assemble, making them effortless to clean and maintain.

Moreover, Most Omega juicers comes with automatic pulp ejection option. which helps to clean your juicer easily.

Most sold omega juicers are

Omega NC900HDC and Omega VSJ843 are some of the most sold Omega juicers right now. This juicer is one of the most raved about Omega juicer that works as a multifunctional juicer.

But Omega J8006HDS was the most sold juicer for a long time. this one is kind of older brother (or version) of omega NC900

Omega Juicer ModelPickKnow More
Omega NC900HDCTop pick – Horizontal masticatingClick Here
Omega VSJ843QSTop Pick – Vertical Slow JuicerClick Here
Omega MM900HDSTop masticating juicer for celery
(endorsed by medical medium)
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