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In this omega juicer 8006 Review, besides focusing features of this juicer, you will see real customer reviews or comments. Explains Why they liked or don’t like this model. you will find Comparison with other similar models of Omega.

I personally liked this juicer, for many reasons, like its versatility, Ease of cleaning and its high-quality juice. if you are really into green or vegetable juice, you will appreciate this juicer model – omega j8006  juicer. Let’s talk about this juicer in details.

Omega J8006  is versatile juice maker and can be used for making baby food, frozen food, nut butter and so on. This masticating juicer produces quality juice and it’s easy to clean. But if you are really into green or vegetable juice, you will appreciate this juicer model.

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Omegea8006 Features

Easy to clean:

It is quite easy to clean up. After making juice you will need two to three minutes maximum to clean up. Just put the parts under running water and it will be cleaned up easily. Or if you want you can put the disassembled parts in a bowl or basin of water and clean up later.

High-quality juice:

It’s a masticating juicer with low speed of 80 RPMs; as a masticating juicer, this low speed juicing prevents oxidation. It technically minimizes the chance of foaming and clogging. It gives you the pure and unaffected juice which stays intact for a long time.


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It’s top multipurpose uses besides juicing. Beside quality fruit and vegetable juice, you can do lot of things

Juice varieties of fruits and veggies:

It juices almost anything. Using this juicer, you can make juices from varieties of veggies and fruits like lemon, cantaloupe, strawberries, raspberries, tomato, chestnut and also from leafy greens like celeries, spinach etc. This juicer juices hard vegetables and fruits like carrots, wheatgrasses. It has multi-purpose uses; you can make frozen fruit, sorbet, pastes, peanut butter, pasta, minced vegetables etc using this juicer.

Video: Versatile Functions -of this juicer

Homemade PastaAlmond ButterNut ButterFrozen Fruits

Homemade Pasta :

Omega J8006 is quite efficient in making pasta. You can make delicious homemade pasta for your family using this juicer.

Almond Butter

Omega 8006 Nutrition center juicer not only helps you juicing but also you can make awesome and nutritious nut pastes and nut butter using this amazing juicing machine.

Nut butter

you will know, how to make raw nut butter using Omega 8006 Juicer

Sorbet from frozen fruits

You can also make delicious fruit sorbet from frozen fruits using Omega J8006 nutrition center. Kids are often not willing to eat fruits so if you try these nutritious foods then they will be eager to eat those.

For omega 8006 juicer recipes you can visit my article about a review of omega juicer recipe book.

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Additional features – of Omega 8006:

  • Big warranty period: It has the 15-year warranty. which is long.
  • High Yield: Omega J8006 Nutrition Center helps you get the maximum juice from the fruits and veggies. it’s possible because of its Dual-stage juicing system.
  • Strong: Omega 8006  includes a GE Ultem Auger which is 8x stronger than most other plastics.
  • Continuous juicing: its possible as this juicer produce low heat and it comes with auto pulp-ejection function for continuous juicing.
  • Low noise: unlike, many other fast juicers,  this juicer produces low noise.
  • Beautiful design: This juicer made of silver color and will take small space in your kitchen cabinet.

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Users Review of omega juicer 8006 Review:

Well,  today, 13 March 2020,  this juicer received 4.4 out of 5 stars from a total of 5030 reviewers in Amazon. Among the reviews, 74% reviewers gave it 5 out of 5 stars. These means, already lots of people bought this juicer model and most of the users are happy with this juicer model.

Most of the reviewers are happy with this model but some niggling point was raised by few users. One customer said “The opening of this juicer is small so lots of prep time needed for cutting food to fit. Otherwise a nice machine.” they not happy with the small opening of this juicer model. Yes, it’s true for most of the masticating juicers.I would like to suggest another masticating juicer like KuvingsB6000S, that might solve this problem. That juicer has a big opening. so you can put the whole veggies and fruits. Instead of cutting into pieces and putting in it. But added to that I would like to include that the juicer that has this advantage may not offer the other advantages that this Omega J8006 offers.

Few reviewers are not happy with cleaning feature. But, Most of the reviewers seems don’t have same difficulties or quite happy with its easy cleaning feature it has. So perhaps it isn’t a widespread problem.

Common reviews among the buyers of this omega 8006-juicers are like,

“love this juicer, it’s quiet and easy to clean !!”  

 “I love that it juices so many things !”

Review paraphrased for size -View original review here..


 Comparison with  Similar models of Omega – Omega 8004 vs 8006 vs 8007 vs 8008 vs nc800 vs nc900:

All three popular Omega juicer models are masticating or slow machine and produce quality juice. but these models of omega are different in price, color, and some features.

What’s BPA? ..If our food comes in touch with Plastic that is not BPA free, that food may cause a health problem in long run.


Summary of Comparison

Omega 8004 vs 8006 – 4th generation models

Omega 8004 and 8006 identical but has the color difference. omea-8006 has chrome plated plastic and omega-8004 has the white color.

Omega 8007 vs 8008 – 5th generation models

Omega 8007 and 8008 are identical or has the same feature but has the colour difference. omega-8008 has chrome plated plastic.

Omega NC800 vs NC900 – 6th generation models

Omega nc800 and NC900 are identical or has the same features but has the colour difference.NC900 has chrome plated plastic.

Depend on your requirement you should pick your juicer model. If you like juicing vegetables, green juice or leafy green like kale, wheatgrass and so on then you can take any of the mentioned model (omega 8004, 8006, 8007, 8008, NC 800). all of these models have the same warranty period,  produce quality juice and multi-purpose. These models are the different generation of omega’s horizontal auger juicers.  they mainly differ in price, the material they made from, yield and colour.

if you have more budget you should go for new BPA-free models like omega 8007 or 8008 or  NC800 or NC900.  whatever juicer model you choose you will get Long 15 year warranty period and Which is rare.

Price comparison


Final verdict

Besides juicing leafy greens and vegetables .. this 8006 model is a multi-purpose machine: can produce Pasta, baby food, frozen fruit, nut butter and so on. you can make mixed fruit juice too. This juicer is no 1 on Amazon with a good rating ..(as found on April 30th, 2017)

I will suggest this omega 8006, mainly If you like green juice from vegetables, kale, wheatgrass and so on.  You also like fruit juice and want to use it as a food processor to produce nut butter, baby food,  pasta for your family.

That’s all for today – happy juicing 🙂

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