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Omega 8006 vs 900 or NC800: whats The Real Difference?

If you are searching on the internet ” Omega 8006 vs 900 or nc800″ juicer. if you are Stuck on choices. Then read this in-depth comparison among these juicers.

What is the difference between Omega 8006  and NC900 Juicers? Both juicer are from omega. Omega Nc900 is an upgraded version of omega 8006. They are mainly different in design, Feed chute size, Juicing screen area, BPA presence and adjustable pulp outlet settings.

Nc800 and nc900 produce more juice as it has a larger juicing screen and 5 adjustable pulp outlet option. it also needs less juicing preparation time for its lager feed chute. To know more about differences in details, you can read the full article.

Comparison table

Omega8006NC900/ 800
Juice yieldgoodbetter yield
then omega8006
Juice preparation
BPA presencenot BPA freeBPA free
Price range
(it may change)
250$- 300$
Check Price
Of 8006 in Amazon
Check price of NC900
in Amazon

Differences in Details

Different Look

800 or 900
colorblack and chromeSilver, Red
Designsimple and
compact body
the curved
and a sleek
handle on the top

omega 8008 and 900 juicer comes with a better colour option (silver and red) and modern design compare to 8006 one. unlike Omega J8006’s simple and compact body, 800/900 comes with the curved bottom part and a sleek handle on the top gives it a modern look.

High Yield :

omega8006omega 800 or 900
5 adjustable
outlet settings 

one of the few reasons for getting better Juice yield are juicing screen size and adjustable outlet setting. omega nc800 has 5 adjustable outlet settings and better screen size than that of omega 8006.

The manufacturer claims that Omega NC900 / 800 is able to deliver 7-13% more yield than Omega J8006 because of the sophisticated design. Indeed, this is possible because of the larger screen and its adjustable juice outlet settings.

you can use juicer adjust pulp outlet of omega nc800 and nc900 , depending on different types of produce.

for instance, dial the adjustable outlet setting up when you are doing leafy green (like kale, .. ) and dial it down for mushy or soft fruits (like pineapple ) for better juice yield.

Less preparation time

Feed tube

omega 800-0r-900 has around 70 – 80% lager Feed tube than that of Omega J8006.  The J8006 has a 1.5-inch diameter feed chute. The NC900/ 800 has an oval shape chute that measures 2 inches by 1.5 inches. 

what this means: you will need less time preparing for juicing. normally we have to cut fruits and vegetables less before putting inside these juicers feed tube.


those juicers are different in price too. NC900 or 800 will cost more than omega 8006 juicer.

if you want to take any of the two omega 900 or 800 juicers, you should know, as both omega nc900 and 800 similar in every feature except colour of the juicer. you are better off taking omega 800 as its more cheaper then the NC900.

you can check price of juicers here in amazon

BPA presence

some of the parts of omega 8006 are not BPA free. Unlike omega 8006, omega 900 is made of BPA free material. so you can sip your juice, with peace of mind that you are not getting any harmful chemical with your drink.

how harmful are non-BPA free materials?

Different research found the exposure of BPA can cause harmful effect on our brain and prostate gland of fetus infant and children.


in the United States, FDA band using material that has BPA in baby bottles.

Slow juicer typeHorizontalVertical
Easy to cleanEasierlittle hard
Specializationgreen leafy greens
like kale and so on
Soft fruits
like pineapple and so on
( baby food, nut butter
and so on)
VersatileNot so Versatile
ExampleOmega NC900,
Omega NC800
Omega Vsj843,
Breville BJS600XL

Similarities among three juicers

We already talk about differences: omega 8006 vs 900 or 800 NC. Now, let us speak about similarities.

Juicersomegaj8006 / nc800 / nc900
juicer TypeSlow or Masticating
warranty15 year
Easy to cleanless than 2 min
Things it can juiceleafy green
hard food
mushy/soft food
baby food
nut butter
and so on
juice qualitygood
less oxidation

Cleaning is easy:

Juicer cleaning process is really quite easy. It does not take too much of time to clean up mess after juicing. Maximum 2/3 minutes you require to clean the mess. You do not have to go through lots of preparations and process to clean up, you need to put the juicer under running water and the mess will be cleaned automatically. You can also put the dissembled parts in a bowl full of water. The messes will loosen and later you can clean.

High Quality Juice

This low speed masticating juicer is good for preventing oxidation and providing high quality juices that has nutrients.

When the juice does not have to foam its tays for a logn time intact and good. Masticating juicer prevents oxidations.

Things omega 8006/ nc800/ nc900 juicers can juice are..

This J8006 or nc800 or nc900 is versatile and easy to use juicer from omega. things these juicers can juice many things.

Juicing leafy greens: 4.7/5

Many juice lovers go for masticating instead of centrifugal juicers: masticating juicers are a lot more effective for juicing leafy greens.

These juicers simply excels at juicing leafy greens. Kale, romaine, spinach, Swiss chard, wheatgrass, you name it, anything. It makes sure to use the pulps good and use the juice. Unlike a centrifugal which shoots all the leaves into the pulp collector, this machine squeezes lots of juice out of the leaves, squeezes out the dry pulp.

Again, chop the veggies in small sizes that can fit into the feed chute. Cut Fiber vegs into small portions and you are good to juice.

Juicing hard, thick fruits and veggies: 4.5/5

These three juicers are good for juicing hard vegetables and several other veggies and fruits including the mushy ones. The machine does apple, pear, beetroot, celery, carrot, ginger, guava, and almost everything of that fall in this line. Maybe those cannot juice as fast as that of centrifugal juicers, but you will get testy juice with less oxidation. To save this time, you may juice and save in a freezer for two or three days

To ensure proper juicing one thing you have to do: cut everything including fruits and vegetables into small chunks.

The preparation can be lengthy compare to fast juicers. But you can also cut bunches of them at once and put them into the fridge for a week of use.

Juicing watery/ mushy fruits and veggies: 4/5

These machine is quite good at making cranberry, grape, cherry juice

Bananas are mushy. It can’t make “banana juice”. If you try to make banana juice What it can do instead is make frozen banana into a smoothie.

Cut the frozen fruit into small portions and feed it into the juicer, and then wait for the result. So you can use frozen papaya, kiwi, strawberry, banana, and everything mushy.

Making nut butter, Baby food and more:

These juicers are good for nut butter making because it does a lot more than cold press juicing.

You will be able to make nut butter and nut milk. You can use it to make pasta grind minced herbs coffee and peppers too.

These omega-juicers made such colourful and full of nutritious juice. you and your kids might love these freshly made juice too.

Dry Pulp

One thing very nice about these juicers, you get dry pulp from juicing. This masticating juicer makes sure to get all the juice.

If you juice kale and parsley, along with apples, carrots and celery. You have to reduce the amount of kale and parsley in your recipes because you get so much more juice from the leaves with this juicer, you don’t need to put too much of leaves.

The Omega juicers enjoy continuous juicing with Omega j8006. Its Powerful motor dual-stage juicing system ensures maximum efficiency and better juices.

INDUSTRY LEADING 15-YEAR coverage on parts and performance: this juicer comes with 15 years coverage.

LONGER LASTING JUICES – Using these juicers you can get better quality juice that lasts longer than other centrifugal or fast juices. This juicer juices slowly. With the speed of 80 RPMs, you get minimal heat buildup and oxidation promoting healthy good enzymes.

Final words

Therese slow or masticating juicers are better than fast or centrifugal juicers in many ways: better quality juice, yield, taste, shelflife and lower waste as pulp. these slow juicers will give you such a wonderful experience, you may stick with juicing for a long time.

All of them comes with 15 years of warranty. you can take any of the three juicers: omega 8006, nc800 and nc900.

if you choose between nc800 and Omega NC900, then you should know, they are different in colour only and both come with the same functionality and 15 years of the warranty period. so you will save more in Omega-nc800.


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