Omega 8006 vs 8008 – Comparison Between Two juicers!

If you are not sure which one better or which to pick? Omega 8006 or 8008 .

..this article about Omega 8006 vs 8008 . will help you for sure. Here you will find some difference between the two popular juicers of Omega-brand.

They are two different juicer model from Omega. omega 8008 is a newer version of omega 8006. Those are different in design, price, materials, juice yield and motor horse Power.

Below table compares these two juicers in details…

Comparison Table of Omega-8006 and 8008

Model Type4th generation5th generation
Design and color:Plastic Bodychrome coated
Food tray and juicing screensmaller food tray.
1 stainless steel juicing surfaces
extra-large food tray.
2 stainless steel juicing surfaces
Made inSouth KoreaChina
BPA free or not:Not BPA freeBPA free
Price Check Price On Amazon
Check Price on Amazon

Let’s know about Those Features in details And why should you care?


Between these two juicers 8006 and 8008, J8006 is an older model but its still popularity among many users. And it is holding #1 bestseller position on Amazon for masticating juicer.

On the other hand, omega 8008 is not getting so much traction or positive reviews even if its upgraded version of the older models of omega.

picture of Omega 8006 vs 8008

Made in :

8006 is made in South Korea. but 8008 is made in China.

South Korea is famous for manufacturing better juicer-motors production. but both of those juicers comes with 15 years of warranty. so nothing to worry.

BPA free or not:

8006 juicer is not made of BPA free material but juicer 8008 is BPA free.

The housing for the J8008 is already BPA-free. This means you do not have to take in toxic materials when you drink your juice that made from 8008. 

Motor horsepower:

The motor is also more powerful in the J8008 (2HP) compared to the J8006 (1.3HP).

so 8008 model has more powerful motor to make juice better.

Food tray and juicing screen

8008 has an extra-large food tray.

The plastic screen used on J8008 has one out of thicker plastic than that of the 8006 screens. Unlike the 8006, J8008 juicer also has 2 stainless steel juicing surfaces instead of one

both bigger tray and screen help to juice better. So its good upgrade for model 8008 juicer

Design and color:

The new Juicer model 8008 and juicer 8006 both have significant design and look characteristics.

  • The handle design is different in those juicers.
  • The 8008 is the newer chrome coated version, on the other hand, 8006 has a plastic body.

what are the Similarities between two juicer-j8006 and j8008

Easy to clean:

Both of two juicers are easy to clean. you will need 2 to 3 minute to clean those juicers. you can wash parts under running water easily. but screen needs some cleaning using a good brush.

High-quality juice:

you can have better juice quality and store life, as those juicers minimize oxidation and foaming. Both of these two slow juicers produce high-quality juice. you will be able to store around 2 days. but it’s better to drink fresh.


image source :

these multi-purpose juicers can make juice from leafy greens and also soft and hard fruit or veggies. besides that, you can also make below foods like.

  • almond milk almond butter,
  • peanut butter
  • you can grind coffee
  • you can make a frozen dessert in the summertime.
  • you can make homemade salsa too

Related question:

is model 8006 / 8008 is better than omega-NC800?

unlike omega-8006 and 8008 juicier, Omega-NC800 has upgrades like larger feed tube and a better setting option for juicing fruits and vegetables.

And larger feed means you will need less juice preparation time. as you will need to cut fruits and vegetables less to pour inside the feed tube.

If you want to buy 8006/8008, then you can think of getting the latest omega-juicer NC800 with an almost same price range and 15 years warranty.


Even though, those omega 8006 and 8008 juicers are different in design, price, materials, juice yield and hp. will not regret if you choose any of them. Both come with 15 years of manufactures warranty.

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