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Omega 8004 vs Omega 8006 – which one is best for your family !!

why one can chose Omega 8004 or omega 8006

  • good User rating: both are in market for long time but still have good user rating from Amazon and ebay.Omega_8004-8006
  •  Both masticating juicers of omega brand are  are good if you like to get juice from veggies including leafy veggies, wheat grass and verities of fruits . And you can chose them if you want most out of fruit or veggie without wasting any juice.
  •     Whoever wants to get more nutrition in their juices.. can chose these juicers.  As, after long use, this type of juicers don’t produces so much heat like centrifugal juicers. Moreover, there’s no oxidation of the nutrients as low-speed process of these juicer is don’t allow oxygen from the air get mixed into the juice.
  • differences:  Both of these above juicers are good and do same things. only difference between these two are their price and color. you can take any of them you like.

Comparison between omega8004 vs omega8006

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Both juicers can juice …

  • You can take the full advantages or Enjoy the simplest that nature offers in raw foods for your health. You can use your juicer 8004 and 8006 for green herb or leafy green product like kale, Wheatgrasses, cabbage, spinach.
  • You now don’t need to buy pasta or spaghetti, linguini, or bread sticks from the market. you can use these juicers to make it from home.
  • You can chop and minces your garlic, red pepper, ginger or scallions with herbs and seasonings.
  • You will be able make baby food or special diet with ease . as these juicers can work with soft foods.
  • Baby food, frozen dessert, peanut butter from fresh nuts, soy milk preparation with these juicers is easy.
  • Make recent frozen desserts, natural baby food, and nut butter (all-natural peanut butter) using fresh nuts. Make almond or soy milk.
  • You will be able juice hard and soft natural veggie without any hassle. For example hard fruits or vegetables like carrot , apple and so many things are easy with these juicer , you can also juice soft food like banana, ripe mango and so on


You can take omega  8004 or omega 8006 as both have identical features except their colours. If you want to save some money and don’t care about the color you should check out omega 8004.

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