Manual Citrus Press Juicer vs Electric Citrus Juicer – Which one to chose?

Table: Manual Citrus Press Juicer vs Electric Citrus Juicer

Manual citrus juicerElectrical citrus juicer
AutomationNeed manual hand pressure or worksObviously Work automatically in electricity
Quality of JuiceManual citrus press juicers are highly effective at squeezing out the pure fruit juice without mixing in pulp or the bitter oils from the skin of the fruit.some feel that it brings out too much bitterness in the fruit because some of the bitter tasting oils get scraped off the inside of the peel and are blended with the juice.
Preparation TimeNeed little to no preparation time.

And its plus for this kind of juicer

, most electric citrus juicers require that you peel the fruit before inserting it into the juicer, which can be a definite disadvantage.
Cleaning and storagethey are easy to clean and keep in good repair. They are easily stored as well because most are quite small in sizeThey are harder to clean and need bigger space than a manual juicers
OperationAs juicing is done by hand, the process can be tiring and time consuming if large quantities of fruit are being juicedElectric reamers require you to press down on the reamer unit, causing it to spin. Other electric citrus juicers allow you to simply insert the peeled fruit into the juicer and juice with the push of a button

Which one to chose?

from above Table,  now we can say

If you do not intend to do much juicing, prefer a higher quality, sweeter juice, or do not mind squeezing large quantities of juice by hand, then a manual citrus press juicer is probably for you.

But If you are simply looking for overall convenience and speed from your juicer and do not mind having to peel fruit before juicing (in the case of a normal electric juicer, not an electric reamer) or having a less sweet-tasting, pulpier juice, then you might consider either an electric reamer or a regular electric juicer

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