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Can juicer grind meat ? -(know in details!)

if your juicer can grind meat beside juicing fruits and veggies .Iit would be a great. yes?

You would need one less kitchen staff.

Its better to use meat grinder over other appliances to grind meat. Juicers can be a alternative option when you don’t have meat grinder in your kitchen.

Yes, you can grind meat using a juicer to some extent and which is a cheaper alternative too.

Having said that, some masticating juicers can grind meat or emulsify with their special attachments.

But you will not be able to produce finely ground meat variation, texture and quality like a meat grinders do.

You can use chicken, turkey or any other meat in those juicers.

here you will know how to grind meat using a juicer. and is juicer is better to use grind meat if you have other options or appliances ( like a food processor ) that can grind meat too.

Which Type of juicers can grind meat

there are different type of juicers in the market. mainly centrifugal and masticating (slow) juicers. for this purpose, it’s better to use masticating juicers with a special attachment. you should also know all masticating juicer cant to be used to grind meat.

some of the horizontal masticating juicers with right attachment can be used as a meat grinder.

If your horizontal juicers comes with attachment to grinds coffee grounds and makes nut butter you will be able to grind meat too.

for instance, some models of omega and champion horizontal masticating juicers can be used to grind meat.

now , you may ask what are those masticating juicers and how they work. or what are the list of horizontal masticating juicers you can use for grinding meat. you can see the list below.

List of Some Horjontal juicers for grinding meat is

juicers you can know more
champion juicerClick here to know more
omega 8006Click here to know more
omega nc900Click here to know more

Can champion juicer grind meat?

yes its possible to grind meat with a champion juicer with right attachment.

you can see the below video how to do that.

How to use champion juicers to grind meat for best result

Steps to follow for emulsify meat are

  • You need ground your meat before putting in the juicer
  • for the hot dog, you can season and cure for one day before putting inside the juicer
  • you can use a champion juicer (like Model G5-NG-853S ) but you will need a part called blank to attach to your juicer

Can omega juicer grind meat?

Omega produce different type of juicers like masticating, centrifugal , citrus juicers. among the masticating type

some horizontal type juicers comes with special attachments for making pasta, frozen , grind meat.

you can grind meat using a juicer that has coffee grinding and nut butter attachment.

only omegas horizontal juicers,( like omega 8006 , NC900 and some other models) comes with those type attachments.

so you can use those Omega juicers for grinding meat.

Steps to grind meat with a omega juicer

  • first, you need to remove a fat portion from your meat. if you use meat with fat, then that will produce low-quality ground meat.
  • Add the attachment with the juicer flat plate, (not the screen). and squire or oval nozzle.
  • Cut your meat into pieces to pour in the juicer.
  • You have to attach special attachment in your juicers to grind meat. like this right image.
  • make sure to clean your juicer properly each time after finish grinding meat.

Is Grinding meat using a juicer is better option than other appliances

Beside juicer, You an grind meat using food processor or blender or a meat grinders too. but among all the tools meat grinder is best as it’s sole purpose is to grind meat only.

even though, you can grind meat with other kitchen appliances like a food processor, blender or juicer. there will be some pitfall even if you will be able to do grind meat. as they are not specialize for for grind meat,

below we will compare befits and lacking of each appliances with juicers .

kitchen Applianceoutcome
Ground meat type
can handle bone
Juiceremulsify – using a champion juicer
grind meat – using omega juicer with attachment
meat grinderdifferent typeyes
food processorget unevenly minced meat 
paste-type meat
( when processor run for a long time )

Juicer vs Meat grinder

Unlike juicers, meat grinder are mainly invented to grind meat.

You can get the best possible result using meat grinder as you will get finely grounded meat that is loosely packed and has a good texture. you can choose different size of ground meat by changing the hole size of the palate in a meat grinder. you can make sausages or hot dogs too.

not only that those meat grinders are so strong that you can use them to grind meat with bones too. and use it to make pet food (dog or cat). beside most electrical meat grinder comes with a reverse button which helps to stop jamming.

you can use manual meat grinder for grinding meat and in some case making juice too.

juicer , specially horizontal slow juicers, can grind meat

Juicers vs food processor

Besides its usual use like chopping vegetables and making dough, food processors can chop meat too.

A food processor can grind meat and turn it into uneven chank of the large and fine slice. and can handle bones within the meat. but juicers will grind the meat into fine particles and cant handle bones in the meat.

when you run the food processor for a long time, it may turn your meat into past form.

that’s why you will not be able to make sausage with a food processor. or grinding meat for burgers.

Juicers vs blenders

if you have both a blender and a juicer, I will recommend you to use a juicer. as blender produce, lots of heat compare to slow juicers.

Besides making smoothies, the blender can grind meat too. you can blend frozen meat in a blender but you will not get the good texture as meat grinder does. for a blender, Frozen meat is needed to r to get the best result.

if you want to make sausages then you can use juicer or meat grinder instead of a blender. and if you want to make other ground meat for a burger or other purposes you can use a meat grinder

if you blend meat for a long time you will get paste meat instead of tiny chopped meat. but Blenders can grind bones and hard tissues of meat and prepare dog food.


even though , a meat grinder is better than any kitchen appliance (juicer, food processor, blender ) when it’s about grinding meat.

but if you don’t have a meat grinder you can use your juicer to grind meat, . you can check juicer like champion juicer, or omega juicer 8006


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