Hurom HU-100 review

Hurom HU-100: worlds first LSTS (Low Speed Technology System) JuicerHurom_HU-100

Hurom HU-10 is the first LSTS method user juicer in the world. Unlike from the method of standard masticating, it can extract more juice from the ingredients. It is a slow juicer that juice slowly but most perfectly, which extract maximum amounts of right vitamins, nutrients as well as the taste from a minimum amount of vegetables, leafy greens, fruits and even from soybeans.

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The pros and cons of the Hurom HU-100 Slow Juicer

1) Juice in two stages: In the first stage, it extracts juice before the ejection of pulp. And, in the second stage it starts squeezing more juice from the pulp and make the pulp extremely dryer.

2) Provide more juice: After the perfect test, it is found that Hurom Slow Juicer can squeeze about 50% more juice than the centrifugal juicer does.

3) Save your money: Hurom can save your money by extracting more juice from the least amount of fruits and vegetables. You can use the skins and Peels to make different kinds of soups, jams, pastries, etc.

4) Serve better Juice: It will provide you better flavor as well as the best fresh juice along with more antioxidants. There will be no foaming or frothing and no separation of juice from different ingredients.

5) Easy and self-cleaning system: Just pour when you want to clean the juicer or want to juice other fruits or vegetables. The juicer will automatically clean itself quickly and save your time.

6) Possessed small places: Though it can perform at the same of masticating juicer but it need less space than the other centrifugal juicers.

Some negative aspects

1) One complains that you will hear from the real users about this, is that Hurom HU-100 is slower than the centrifugal juicer. Do you know? That’s why it can produce more quality juice with less oxidized.

2) price is a bit higher than other juicers. But, you should know that the rate of the most masticating juicer starts from $300, sometimes the rate is above one thousand dollars for a single masticating juicer. Compared with that, the price of Hurom HU-10 is affordable.

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Customer Review in Amazon for this juicer :

234 customer of this  Hurom HU-100 juicer rated after purchase  and among those reviewers 85% ( 142 reviewers ) are fully satisfied and they rated this juicer 5 out of 5 and . overall rating of this juicer is 4 out of 5. and which is pretty good rating.


one of the reviews published in Amazon site from a owner of this juicer given below

(review is rewritten without changing its meaning to keep this review small ..)

I am using this juicer everyday, and is happy to use this. Usually I use this to juice green apples, carrots, berries, etc. and still I have not faced any problem within this. It is a fast juicer that can eject the pulp extremely dry. Earlier before using this juicer I used to take a lot of time to juice my fruits and vegetables. But, the problem has been vanished as it can work as fast as a centrifugal juicer does, but it works only at 80 RPM. The favorite part of this juicer is that, it can be cleaned easily and quickly that is about 3 minutes to do. Though I have different types of juicers, but I cannot compare this with anyone. So, I highly recommend this to the juice lovers to be happy with this.

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 Juicer comparison : Hurom HU-100 vs  400 vs  700

You can see difference between similar juicers below.

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 Juicing Tips for Hurom HU-100 juicers

Here I am mentioning a list of fruits and vegetables that I have juiced without having any problem.

Grapes ( I haven’t expected that it came come out as dry), Orange, Granny Smiths or Galas ( found fresh squeezed juice), Apple, Cucumber (should use a fleshed apple), Kale, Romaine ( I got the mild flavor even when it is in a raw state), Carrot (should be peeled), Celery. With this juicer you can squeeze these ingredients smoothly.



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