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How to juice Pomegranate – with or without a juicer !

Pomegranates are highly nutritional fruit and you can juice those in below process or use seed as it is or with salad or with other foods.

Before start.. if you want, you can know about benefits of pomegranate.. from this below video

Benifits of Pomegranates

way to juice your pomegranate..

To juice you need cut your pomegranate first . and then you need to get seed out of your pomegranate unless you have citrus juicer to juice pomegranate .

How to cut and seed properly

above picture shows  how to cut pomegranate – correct way is in right side – you can cut in 5 easy step as above . you can see the video too here . just click to start the video too. [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=1iHbSzM63Hs width=640 height=480 anchor= “HOW TO CUT (Click here see the Video )“]

Way to seed pomegranate is shown in above picture. after you cut your pomegranate, use your finger to  rub pomegranate gently inside cold water to get seeds out of the pomegranate. you can seed the video here… just click the video to see [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=-qfQ3_N7S6Y width=640 height=480 anchor= “HOW TO SEED (Click here see the Video )“]

How to juice Pomegranate without a juicer !

Juicing  by  polythene bags :

Click on the image to see properly

its the Cheapest way to juice your pomegranate.  you will need

Fill about 30% of your polythene bag with your pomegranate and try to get as much air out as you can.  I personally roll it around and I think that does a pretty good job.  See?

Then I use flat side of a glass  or orange juicer like in this picture to make the juice.  Lay it flat.  I use the flat side of the orange juicer because it gives me good hand control.  Oh, you can see I didn’t get all the air out so I’m pretty lucky that that one didn’t pop :).

Okay, once it looks like it’s pretty juicy in there, I take a corner and I snip it off.  Be careful not to drink that little plastic, put it aside.  Collect your yummy pomegranate juice. [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=4GAuuPpomR8 width=640 height=480 anchor= “JUICING BY POLYTHENE BAG  (Click here see the Video )“]

juicing by Food processor or blender

Click on the image to see properly

Pros and cons

    • Need to seed first
    • •    Not best option for commercial use . best for home use only
    • •    Taste will bit bitter
    • •    Amount of juice will be less or Less Yield
    • •    Not best for commercial use

Note:  you will be able to get juice by food processor but it’s not ideal for pomegranate juice.

You’re just going to put your pomegranate seeds in food processor so we just want to gently crush that and then strain them with a colander or sieve.  So a bit of a pulse until we’re right about there.

And then, we take a colander and strain that.  You want to take your hands or a spoon and just kind of push and we move that around there to really squeeze out all of the juice.

How to juice Pomegranate with a juicer !

Juicing by citrus juicers

Click to see the image

pros and cons

•    You don’t need to seed it .
•    Just cut pomegranate in half and use for juicing
•    You will be able to make juice fast

•    Yield will be less or you will waste some juice as waste.

As shown in the picture, place 1/2 of the pomegranate in your hand and then press the fruit filled half down on top of the hand citrus juicer until all the juice is released.  As an additive, in order to avoid causing spills that can create a messy stain, always make sure to firmly grasp the juicer with one hand while firmly pressing the fruit down on to the juicer to squeeze out the juice with the other hand. [video_lightbox_youtube video_id=o6-0-ga-xLA width=640 height=480 anchor= “JUICING BY CITRUS JUICER  (Click here see the Video )“]

place a clean paper towel in a strainer and then place the strainer over the top of the measuring cup and carefully pour the pomegranate juice from the juicer into the strainer so that the juice flows through the paper tower into the measuring cup below.

Click on the image to see properly

 Juice Pomegranate with citrus juicers

You can just take your pomegranate and cut it down in the center as shown in the right picture 3.4 or 3.3 , pop it in your citrus juicer this way down and just give it a nice, hard, squeeze.

I always like to flip it over, turn it inside out just to make sure I get all of the juicy goodness.  That’s it.  That’s how you sieve and juice.

[video_lightbox_youtube video_id=NzbVlJr78TA width=640 height=480 anchor= “JUICING BY CITRUS PRESS AND MASTICATING  JUICER (Click here see the Video )“]

Masticating juicer for juicing:

Click on the image to see properly

Pros and cons
•    You Need to seed first
•    Not best option for commercial use. best for home use only

•    Amount of juice will be good or Yield will be good
•    Juice taste will not sweet
•    These juicers produces high nutrition and less oxidized pomegranate juice compare to other juicers

Note: This type Masticating  juicers can juice all types fruits and vegetables not only   pomegranate.

Just turn this vert juicer on and put seeds on it.


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