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How i clean my Juicer !

l am into juicing for last few years.. but like many, i didn’t like cleaning part of my juicer.  result , i did not juice daily and some stain had build up in my juicer. But this cleaning fear was overcome when i followed below steps. You can follow these step too.. to make cleaning easy and juicing more fun.

i have a centrifugal juicer, shown in below picture, that i use almost daily . Cleaning steps for this juicer are given below...

1. Unplug and disassemble :

I Start by unplugging my juicer and disassemble my juicer completely. You can see the picture below …

Copy of DSC01086disassembled after juicing

2. collecting juicer pulp

I Throw juicer leftover or juicer pulp in the dump bin . Using a polythene bag for collecting pulp, will reduce my cleaning effort a lot.


collecting juicer pulpDSC01098

3. Cleaning by water

I Put all the parts except motor part of the juicer in a sink full of water or in a bowl as below.


I Rinse each piece under running water like below. More the speed of water, easier will be cleaning. Use small brushes for cleaning small parts after that. You can use tooth brush or similar brushes to clean for filter and juicer blades. Most of the cleaning work will be completed when you have done this part.

2013-09-23 14.13.04

cleaning by water force and use brush after that

2013-09-23 14.14.59

Even though, juice and pulp has certain routes to go through in a juicer, actually they end up everywhere in your juicer. You should clean all the parts but should be more careful about your juicer filter or blades to prevent stain.

For instance, you can find some dirt in your juicer motor part too. You can clean that by moist soft cloth or sponge.


you will find your juicer filter clean , against tube light or any other light like this ..if its properly cleaned

If water and scrubbing is not enough to clean your juicer, you can try Lemon juice and scrubber to neutralize the stain.

Thing to do after cleaning

1. Allow all of the pieces to dry completely. It is fine to set them on a towel or drying rack.DSC01108

2. Reassemble the juicer.

3. You’re set for the next juicing session.

Cleaning by chemicals :

If above method is not enough , for more thorough cleaning use dish soap or bleach. You should know some part of the juicer can be damaged by chemicals and will nullify the warranty. So check the juicer manual before using any chemical. Read it carefully.

Vegetable oil: Sometimes I use vegtable oil (any type of oil will be okay) to clean stain of my juicer filter or blade. Just pour a bit of oil on a soft piece of cloth, rub the stain part with it. You can also use paper instead of cloth.

Dish soap and water: you can fill your sink with Dish soap and water for better cleaning. Let your juicer soak for few minute and then wash them thoroughly with brush or soft cloth.

Bleach and water: Wash your juicer parts thoroughly by a mix of one part bleach with one part water and before washing keep the stain part of the juicer in it at least for an hour to soak. You may need to use soft cloth (moist by the mixture) to clean stain of base or parts of the juicer that cannot be submersed in it.

Baking soda and lemon juice : To get rid of carrot or other hard stains use mixture of backing soda, lemon juice or vinegar. Just use a paper towel and small dish brush with the mixture to scrub the stain off.

Heat, ammonia and baking soda combination is one of the best crud cutters for your juicer. Use if you have hard stain to take care. Just put juicer parts in a hot water for few minutes, and then use ammonia and baking soda mixture in a soft cloth or in a brush to clear it off.


Additional Tips and Advice

  • Don’t use abrasive tools like metal as that can scratch surface and make cleaning harder.
  • Prompt cleaning will make your cleaning easier than ever. Normally fresh juice and pulp will easily clean up with just normal water alone. But if you don’t clean them immediately, and allow them to dry then they get stuck to the juicer, which is harder to remove. Most juicer only take 2 to 5 minute for cleaning so just clean it right after juicing.
  • Before using any chemicals or putting into your dishwasher, read your juicer manual. Don’t risk your juicer parts to be damaged or invalidate your juicer warrantee.
  • Buy a juicer which is simple, easy to clean and dishwasher safe. As, one may lose interest if he or she find his or her juicer is hard to clean and the cleaning process is time consuming. So take a juicer which needs less time on disassembling and cleaning after juicing.
  • If you make juice several times, you can soak the juicer parts in water between juicing time and clean the juicer after last juicing.
  • Do not place the base of the juicer in the water


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