Health benefits of Oranges

Orange is one the most common fruits throughout the world. The fresh and tangy taste of orange is liked by almost all people. It has a greater nutrient value with huge quantity of vitamin C. The vitamins that contained in oranges protect human body from many destructive elements.oranges

Based on 180g orange juice it has 4g fiber, 17g sugar, 21g carbs and 2g protein. On the other hand, based on a 2000 calorie diet it has 160% vitamin C, 8% vitamin A, 7% Calcium and 1% Iron. You can also find Phytochemicals in oranges and Though it is not vital for human body and have great health benefits when it absorbed. It can help you to slim down if you take oranges with some of your daily food.

There are many necessary ingredients in oranges that is helpful for your health. So, read below description to know about the health value of oranges.

Folic Acid:

Folic acid is a crucial element that develops human brain. The oranges contain huge quantities of folic acid. The magnesium that includes in oranges can help to assert blood pressure and the potassium help to maintain good cardiovascular system. The thiamine of oranges helps to transform food that we eat into energy.

Vitamin C:

Oranges contain a huge amount of Vitamin C that have great health value. Vitamin C reduces the chance to get affected by cold and indigestion. Vitamin C can help to prevent from many harmful elements that attack your body.


Fiber is one of the important aspects of the human body that help man in dieting and reducing blood pressure. The people who have low blood pressure can prevent themselves from many harmful diseases such as diabetes. If you want to be healthy and diet properly then you need the fiber. Oranges supply fiber in the human body.


Along with fiber and vitamin C you must need nutrients for your diet or good health. There are many nutrients besides vitamin C and fibers, such as micronutrients of oranges can give strength in your body. So, it is considered as the great source of energy.

Additional Health Benefits:

There are some extra benefits of drinking orange juices these are: the lemonade and anti-arteriosclerosis prevent cancer, Synephrine that decrease the risk of your heart disease, Hesperidin can reduce high blood pressure. Oranges work as anti-aging medicine, prevent kidney stones, stimulate white blood cells, protect from virus infection and diminish the risk of stomach ulcers.

The oranges are beneficial for the all ages of people. But, if you want to take it as dieting peel into your daily meals than seek advice from your health adviser. It is really astonishing that oranges offer great impact on the complex human body. It is very helpful for dieting. So, if you are a health conscious person then take minimum one or two oranges in a day. It will offer you a healthier body. And a healthier body can give you sound mind that increases the speed of your work. So, take oranges to fill your daily nutrients.


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