Health Benefits of Apple or Apple juice !

Who don’t like apple ? are not only test good but also contains helpful nutrients for health. A research shows that fresh apples provides lots of anti-oxidant than its vitamin C.

it contains anti-allergenic, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic.  It is also rich in fiber too.

Health benefits of Apples are given below…

• Prevents Alzheimer’s

A recent study has shown that apple juice can prevent the Alzheimer’s and fights with the effects of aging. It can produce satisfactory amount of acetylcholine in the human body.

• Make your teeth whiter and stronger

Chewing an apple can produce saliva in your mouth and protect your teeth from being decayed. It also lowered the levels of bacteria.

* improve your respiratory system

According to a survey in 2001, the researcher found that eating about five apples in a week can reduce the risk of your lung disease. An apple contains flavonoids that can decrease the severity of asthma and allergic attacks. It works like antihistamines and anti-inflammatory agents.

* Reduce the possibility of Cancer

According to a survey of the American Cancer Society, eating at least five apples in a week can prevent you from variety of cancers. The Quercetin of an apple helps to protect prostate cancer as it forbid the growth of such cancerous cells without harming the health prostate cells.

• Inhibit the risk of diabetes

Though the taste of an apple is sweet but it can reduce the severity of diabetes. As a result, there is an old saying that, apples keep the doctor away. A research shows 28% of daily apple eaters are more safe from diabetes type II. It contains soluble fiber and it prevent the levels of blood sugar from severity

• Avoid Gall Stones:

There are some issues about gall bladder in your diet system about cholesterol. . Our bile that is situated in the liver and gallbladder gets disturbed from having much cholesterol. It is easy to formulate gall stone in obese people. So, if you are obese than it is good to eat apples on a daily basis. Apple contains high fiber that keeps your cholesterol level tight and makes you feel lighter.

• Lose Your Weight:

Apple also help you to lose your weight. Almost all fruits have high fiber so that you just have to eat them less. An apple contains 90 calories and it’s enjoyable to take between your meal as crunchy and sweet fruit.

Apple are one of the super foods and you should take it at least five times in a week.

what about Apple juice nutrition and calories?Day 79 - It´s alive!

Apple juice contains 97% carbohydrate or sugar . Who like to take too much of sugar water or Apple juice ( Literary)! . One cup of apple juice provides 117 calories. it also contains 2% fat, 1% protein, Very low sodium and lots of vitamin C. but We should not take too much apple juice to maintain our waistline or daily calorie intake.

 But you can mix apple with other fruits and vegetables easily and make testy and less caloric mixed juice! or just mix your apple juice with water to reduce carbohydrate contain.

 Apple juice extractor

You can take any type of juicer except big mouth or whole fruit juicer (to avoid harmful apple seed) to make juice out of apple. but if you want to juice from apple or citrus only ..i recommend Citrus Press Orange Lemon Juicer. or you can also check out these best seller juicers or top 10 juicers. To prevent oxidation or color change, put sliced apples in a pure cold lemon water. to get good test, less oxidation (browning), and quality Apple juice you should take a good masticating juicers over centrifugal juicers.

FAQ or Juicing tips

how to prevent oxidation ?

To prevent oxidation or color change, put sliced apples in a pure cold lemon water. to get good test, less oxidation (browning), and quality Apple juice you should take a good masticating juicers over centrifugal juicers.

should we remove Apple seeds before juicing?

you should remove seeds when juicing as seeds contains harmful cyanide. whole apple juicing is not preferable..but you should know contamination is not high enough but should be avoided if possible.

apple juice is bad for kids ?

– no if juice is mixed with extra water or estimated caloric intake is within the limit of your kids.


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