Cheapest Masticating juicer: Fagor Juicer Review !

Fagor Juicer Review

As our Fagor juicer review will cover a particular model of masticating juicer, you will find out how it can be used for different types of fruits and vegetables in preparing your drinks. Note that this is a slow juicer, so it doesn’t involve fagor_juicer_reivew_imagehigh speed shredding and grinding with heat that can destroy the nutrients from your ingredients. Instead, it squeezes fruits and vegetables slowly so that the juice can be separated from the pulp efficiently. This process enables the retention of nutrients in the extracted juice.

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Fagor Juicer Key Features

• High Quality Auger – The main part of this juice is made of durable GE Ultem materials.

• Power – This model of slow juicer runs on 150 watts.

• ETL Approved – It carries a seal of quality and safety.

• Pulp Collector – There’s a separate tub for the collected pulp. This makes it easy to throw away the pulp or use it for other purposes like in making soups and flavoring for desserts.

• Juice Collector – A separate container is provided for the extracted juice. You can position this below the juicer’s spout so that the juice squeezed from your chosen ingredients can be directly transferred to the container.

• Automatic Feeding System – You don’t need to manually push the ingredients down the feeding tube as these are automatically pulled down while being squeezed.

• Accessories – The package comes with a cleaning brush, manual, and recipe book.

Fagor Juicer Specifications

Brand: Fagor

Model: Slow Juicer 670041650

Product Dimensions: 6.2 x 10.5 x 15.1 inches

Product Weight: Approximately 9 pounds

Warranty : The Fagor Slow Juicer is backed by 5 years warranty on parts (including the motor).


• Energy Efficient – It only uses 150 watts during operation.

• Simple to Operate – The controls are easy to manage and there are specific containers for the pulp and juice.

• Long Warranty – Aside from having a seal of quality (ETL), this unit also comes with a 5-year warranty on parts to give you peace of mind.

• Easy to Use – It uses an automatic feeding system; so all you need to do is place the ingredients in the feeding tube and these will be processed continuously.

• Versatile – It can juice different types of fruit and vegetable ingredients. And the accompanying recipe book will serve as your guide on the types of ingredients that you can use to make healthy fruit and vegetable drinks.


• Cleaning Process – Because of the unit’s multiple parts, it can be quite tedious to clean the whole juicer.

• Quite Noisy – According to some consumers, this model of juicer is quite loud during operation.

Review – Our Recommendation

The Fagor Slow Juicer is a versatile piece of kitchen appliance and it will help you in preparing healthy juices for your family conveniently. As there’s no oxidation involved in the process of juicing using a masticating juicer, all the nutrients from fruits and vegetables will be retained in every glass of prepared drinks that you consume.

You can basically throw in any kind of ingredients in your Fagor juicer; just make sure that the pieces fit inside the feeding tube so as not to clog it. Using this regularly will greatly contribute to your overall health as liquefied forms of fruits and vegetables are more readily absorbed by the body.

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So as you can see in our Fagor juicer review, this is indeed a quality juicer. And its affordable price makes it a practical investment too!



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  • carrots are cheap, so yeild is not really an issue with them in my mind.i thninikg of getting into more juicing and have heard that the masticating juicers add more foam, then? I hear the opposite from other people what’s the truth?another question is cherries? can you juice cherries without taking out the pits. currently i have a centrifugal juicer and if i put the cherries in i get pieces of the pits in the juice. not a lot but noticeable. if i remove the pits the juice is awesome.

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