Best Juicers: How to choose one!

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Here you will know, how to choose the best juicers on the market by considering juicers features, types, and side by side comparison.

As you know, buying a juicer is a  financial and health-wise big investment …and there are different types of juicers in the market. So you should pick it carefully…

There is no perfect model,  every juicer has its pros and cons.   For instance, the juicer that can juice fast will give you less quality juice and vice-versa. So you should choose your Juice-extractor according to your needs. A juicer that serves your needs most is the best juicer for you.

Here, We have done most of the market research for you, you can choose a juicer easily that is best for you and don’t have to buy again for a long long time.

Best juicers on the market are:

Juicer Pros and cons Warrenty Price
NC800 (Masticating) Quality juice, Quite, versatile, BPA free, 15 year A+++
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Omega 8006 (Masticating) Quality juice, Quite , versatile, - not BPA fee 15 year A+++
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Angel 5500 (Masticating) High Quality juice, quite juicer, multi purpose, expensive 10 year A+++
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Greenstar (Masticating) High Quality juice, quite juicer, multi purpose, commercial use, - expensive 5 year A+++
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Omega Vert 350 (Masticating) Quite, elegent, need less kitchen space, - not versatile 10 year A++
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BREBJS600XL (Masticating) Silentslow juicing, elegent design 1 year A+
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Omega Vrt 330 (Masticating) Silent slow juicing, beautiful design, - Not includes a juice tap,- not versatile 10 year A
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Breville 800JEXL (centrifugal) Fast juicing, powerful motor, juice shelf life 24 to 48 hour 1 year B
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Breville bje510xl (centrifugal) Fast juicing, powerful motor, juice shelf life 24 to 48 hour 1 year B
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Tips or Basics to buy best juicers

Questions to ask  yourself:

What do You Want From Your Juicer? What fruit or vegetables you will use for juicing? The first thing you should decide is what type of juice you will make from your juicer. Will you make juice from fruits or vegetables or both types?

Do you want to juice difficult-to- juice-food? Difficult-to- juice-foods like leafy greens or wheatgrass, rather than easy-to-juice fruits and vegetables.

How is the quality of the juice ? does the juicer make quality juice with less oxidization. Some juicers produce less quality juice than others.

How easy to clean the juicer? After that, you should check out juicers cleaning facility, as its one of the most vital features of a juicer, one likely to use his or her juicer more if it’s easy to assemble or disassemble and have few parts to clean. None of the other features would matter if you don’t use your juicer for hard cleaning.

Once you have narrowed down your juicer selection, I recommend choosing a juicer with a good warranty period from big manufacturers as they have a lot of experience building these. you should also consider ratings and reviews from customers and no of purchase of a juicer before buying one.

Speed Vs Quality Juicer.

Why one choose Speedy Juicers ( Centrifugal type juicers)?

  • If you like to juice hard vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, radish, cucumbers, celery, etc.
  • If you don’t want to waste your time and energy.
  • If you like to juice your ingredients in a single click.
  • If you don’t care about the noise produced by the juicer.
  • if you don’t mind wasting juice.
  • if you don’t want to refrigerate your juice.

Why one choose Quality Juice Makers ( Masticating or twin gear type juicers)?

  • If you want to get high-quality juice that is more nutrients.
  • If you prefer to juice veggies most and you like fruit juice too.
  • If you don’t like noise produced by the juicer.
  • If you like to save and don’t want to waste fruits or vegetables.
  • If you can manage a flexible amount of budget
My Recommendation

My recommendation to buy Best juicers on the market!

If you are serious in juicing, I would recommend taking one of Masticating juicers or twin gear juicers.

why I recommend ….?

you Will lose interest for juicing .. if you find your juicer is not so easy to clean and produces low-quality juice. which is low in test and prepared after wasting lots of producers (low yield).

will you take that type of juicer even if it’s cheap?

Though masticating juicers are expensive, it will reduce your cost in the long run.fruit-and-vegetable-juices1

the pulps of these type of juicer are almost dry means, You will need fewer vegetables or fruits to produce the same amount of juice by your juicer than that of centrifugal juicers.

After one or two years, you can find you have saved a lot by using the masticating juicer.

Moreover, unlike Centrifugal juicers, masticating type juicer produce high-quality juice and possible to keep that juice longer. that type of juicer may give you a great wonderful experience that will encourage you to continue juicing in the rest of your life.

My suggestion in nutshell.

if you are new to juicing and aren’t sure whether you will continue it ..then you can take Centrifugal juicer (speedy juicers).
but if you are serious or want best for your health or family … want to continue your juicing journey as a healthy lifestyle  ..then you should choose slow juicer   (Masticating juicers (Quality juice makers) or Twin gear juicers (Best quality juice makers)).

Juicer Features to consider.

Juicer Types:

It’s one of the most important features of a juicer. There are too many juicers in the market but most of them fall into a few handful types or category. For instance .. there are masticating, centrifugal, citrus and others. You should know which juicer type can serve your need better. As different types of juicer work differently – depending on juicer type juice quality, yield and so on can changes.

Cleaning feature:  Whether the juicer is easy to operate and clean

No other features of a juicer will be a matter to you if you don’t use your juicer at all for its cleaning hassle. Usually, one gets inspired to use his/her juicing frequently if the juicer is easy to operate and clean. So, you might pick such juicer that requires less time to clean, and easy to operate.

Yielding capacity
Check whether your juicer can produce much from the least amount of fruits and vegetables. Choose the one that can extract about 90% juice from the pulp. The high yielding capacity of a juicer enables you to save your money.

 Check the feed tube
The bigger the feed tube is, the better your experience will be. If your juicer has a big mouth or a large feed tube, you will need less cutting of ingredients.

If you are living with family or friends, but you need to juice in the morning, you should consider taking a juicer that is less noisy. In that case, you should use a masticating juicer instead of a centrifugal juicer.

Warranty, or reliability

Before buying, you should check whether your juicer is trusted and reliable. Check the warranty period. Otherwise, you may need to replace the parts of juicer often.

 Reviews and ratings:

Before buying any juicer, you should consider three things:  The ratings of the juicer, The reviews of the customer and The number of purchasers.

Check the versatility
You should choose a juicer that has the capacity to juice different types of fruits and vegetables. The juicer should have the ability to juice from hard to soft fruits and vegetable.

 Check the reverses direction and multiple speeds
Multiple speeds of a juicer enable a user to produce different types of juices. Moreover, the reverse direction of a juicer enables users to juice continuously.

Continuous juicing
Make sure that your juicer can eject the pulp into a container instead of gathering them into the centre basket. Otherwise, you might need to stop the juicer frequently to wash out the pulp.

In order to avoid the burning out of your juicer, minimum horsepower is required, 0.5 horsepower. So, check whether the juicer has a minimum 0.5 horsepower.

Short review of Best juicers on the market

Best Versatile  budget Juicer: Omega 8006 Juicer

Omega j8006 nutrition center juicer is the best masticating juicer in the market.


  • You can juice everything, including leafy green, herb, kale, spinach, cabbage, wheatgrasses, etc. Using this juicer, you can ensure that you are receiving the benefits of natural raw foods.
  • Easy to clean: Omega 8006 is very much easy to clean.
  • Warranty: This juicer offers 15 years of warranty.
  •  Prepare Bread, Linguini, Spaghetti, or Pasta: If you use Omega 8006, you can save your money because this juicer will help you to prepare Pasta, Linguini, Breadsticks, or Spaghetti.
  •  Chop and minces your ginger, red pepper, garlic and so on: Omega 8006 is suitable to chop and minces your ginger, red pepper, garlic, or scallions.
  • Prepare special diet or baby food: Omega 8006 is able to prepare special diet or baby food. You can work with the soft foods using this juicer.
    – This juicer is able to prepare soy milk, peanut butter, frozen dessert, and baby food.
    – You can make nut butter, natural baby food, and frozen dessert. You can also make soy milk or almond.
    – You can juice both soft and hard natural veggies easily. For example, soft fruits like banana, or ripe mango, hard vegetables and fruits like apple, carrot, etc. can be juice easily.


  • Since this juicer runs slow, you should consider the oxidization to get good quality juice.
  • Similar to many other traditional juicers, you may need to cut vegetables or fruits to get the full performance.
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Best  high-Quality juice and high-Yield  juicer: Super Angel 5500 juicer


High-Quality juice Maker with high Amazon user rating. It,s is a twin gear masticating juicer. Though these juicers are expensive it produces a high yield. or waste less juice.   Super angle 5500 will save money  in long run


High-quality juice is its main feature.

This will give you highest juice yield . or less waste pulp.

You will be able to juice quite and clean faster.

versatile juicer: Besides juicing, you can also  make soymilk, tofu, meat pate, frozen fruit sorbet,  peanut butter and so on


It has very good reviews but it’s costly. but in long you will save lots of money. as this juicer has high yield

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Best Easy to operate juicer: Omega VRT 350 juicer:


If you go to compare this Omega VRT 350 with the other centrifugal juicers, you will see that you can produce more juice using the same amount of ingredients. That means; your fruits or vegetable will not be wasted.

  •  Produce more and waste less: Omega VRT 350 juice the ingredients via two stages. Firstly, it crushes the ingredients to extract the juice, then it ejects the pulp. In the second stage, the juicer press to squeeze. This way; it can produce more juice and dry pulp.
  • Elegance:
    The juicer is elegant in looking, because of its silver and black color.
  • Easy to clean:
    Omega VRT 350 is very simple to use. It is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.
  • Low sound:
    When the juicer is running, it doesn’t produce any irritating sound. It is quite as well as quick to juice.
  •  Ability to juice various things:
    Besides juicing the vegetables and fruits, this juicer is able to juice many different things.
  • Longevity:
    Of course, this juicer is able to serve you for a long time. Its longevity can be understood by its 10 years of the warranty period.

Negative Side:

  • Since the juicer works slowly, it is essential to consider the oxidization while juicing.
  • Like many other traditional juicers, you have to cut the vegetables and fruits before juicing. Otherwise, you can not get the full performance.

If you ask me to give reference of a good juicer, I will say that Omega Vert Hd Vrt350 is the favorite one. You can invest your money undoubtedly. It is not only suitable for you but also for your family.

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Best  high-speed juicer: Aicok Juicer Juice Extractor

This centrifugal juicer will be fast but produce low-quality juice. but this juicer is good for a beginner who is not sure whether juicing is for him or her.


  • This juicer is cheap.. under 100 dollar
  • It can juice fast.


  • Low-quality juice. As high speed causes oxidation and heat to your juice
  • Not easy to clean
  • Noisy
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Green Star GS-1000

If you are searching for a juicer that can produce healthy juice, but easy to use and clean, you can consider reading some Green Star GS-1000 reviews. Here are some reviews for you. High-quality juice maker, this juicer is easy to clean and easy to operate. you can have a high-quality juicer with high yield. will save in long run. better than masticating juicers in the market.

Additional Feature: Besides juicing, you will be able to make a seed mill, homogenizer, grinder, pasta, breadstick and rice cake (mochi) maker. baby foods, sorbets, and nut butter

Green Star Elite GSE 1000

Key features of Green Star GS-1000 Juicer:

  • The automatic pulp ejection features of this juicer enable you to produce better quality juice.
  • It can juice many things from hard fruits to vegetables. Even, you can grind the nuts; mill butter, sorbets, and baby foods.
  • Green Star GS-1000 is very easy to use and clean. You can assemble and re-assemble ingredients easily.
  • This juicer runs very quietly.
  • This juicer cannot juice much fruit at a time because the juicer is only 6.5 x 19 x 12.5 inches.
  • It is lighter than other juicers. The juicer is only 24 pounds and equipped with a comfortable handle to carry.

Before deciding to buy Green Star GS-1000, you should read as many reviews as you can. Here are some negative sides of this juicer:

  •  You have to cut vegetables and fruits into smaller pieces because this juicer has a small space to put the juice ingredients.
  •  You have to operate it manually.
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Thank you for visiting this site. I like juicing and like blogging about it. Here, we have done most of the market research for you .so that you can get true reviews and helpful articles ...without wasting your time. ,

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