3 Best juicers for cancer patients and some recipes!

Are you looking for Best juicers for cancer patients? you are in right place. We already did in-depth research, so that you don’t have to.

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Eating is hard for many cancer patients, and it’s harder when he or she is taking chemotherapy for cancer treatment. It’s also an emotional roller coaster for many cancer patients. But it’s crucial to take the right amount of nutrition, minerals and vitamins from your daily diet.

According to Rachel Zinaman, who is MPA, RD of a breast cancer treatment facility, told ..during the cancer treatment period, our body will need a different diet than that of other times:

If you took or going for conventional treatment like surgery, chemotherapy

Things you need to consider before and after treatment

  •  For prevent weight loss or to gain the energy you need to take protein diet
  •  For nausea or vomiting, you can take ginger
  • Drinking lots of fluid to keep hydrated

Protein is an important need to heal your body faster after chemotherapy or radiation or surgery. Beside that body lose weight after cancer treatment in many cases and will need to have more protein for that. Not all cancer treatment will lose your weight; some will gain weight after cancer like breast cancer treatment.

According to WebMD, a leading medical news website, 70 to 80 percent of people go through vomiting or nausea. It is believed that ginger prevents vomiting and nausea a lot for many.

Is Juicing for cancer patients is a good idea?

If you take conventional treatment…

One should take fluid or juice or water enough after chemo. Sometimes drinking less liquid might cause cancer patient fatigue, light hotheadedness and nausea,

How to get protein-rich juice?

Protein-rich juice is possible from protein-rich fruits and vegetable like broccoli or cauliflower and so on. Yummy juice is possible from old-fashioned, less protein-rich food sources like strawberry, carrots, watermelon, orange, bananas and so on.

If you didn’t take conventional treatment for cancer…..

According to 89-year-old Charlotte Gerson, Max Gerson’s (who founded the Gerson Institute in 1977) daughter, increasing our immune system is vital to get rid of cancer. And we can do that by taking lots of organic green vegetables and avoiding processed foods.

And most of the cancer patients have less appetite for food, and some have a weaker digestive system. Sever the patient’s cancer condition, more fragile the digestive system.

According to Cancer survivor George Malkmus, It’s difficult to digest or get nutrition from raw vegetables as those contain lots of pulp or fibres. But when the fibre is removed from fruit or vegetables, one can get nourishment from the juice within a few minutes and restore the immune system.

Taking only the juice, not fibres, juicing helps one to get lots of needed vegetables easily even if one has low apatite and week digestive system.

Recipes :Few juices that fight cancer are –

image source: Bowlofherb.com

Which are the Best juicers for cancer patients?

You may know there are mainly two types of juicers: one is a slow or masticating juicer and other is Fast or centrifugal juicers. Both have their positives and drawbacks.

Both slow and fast juicer are good.

If you are new to juicing and not so sure whether juicing is for you. and if you are busy and have less time for juicing ..then you can take Centrifugal juicer / speedy juice extractor).

But if you want your juice to be high quality only and Want to continue your juicing journey as a healthy lifestyle ..then you should choose slow or masticating juicers .

Unlike fast juicers, slow juicers produce high-quality testy juice and possible to keep that juice longer (around 72 hours).

  • High yield

And even Though a slow-juicer is usually an expensive investment, it will reduce your cost in the long run. These machines west less as leftover than that of other fast juicers.

So you will need less vegetable and fruits compared to other juicers. So you can save more by using the slow-juicer. You can produce juice from the pulp without making big west.

  • Cleaning is easy too. 

I recommend slow juicers over fast juicers:

 These slow-juicers may give you such a wonderful experience that will encourage you to continue juicing in the rest of your life.

And you will prefer a juicer which can give you highest nutritional value and enzyme-rich testy juice form your green vegetables and fruits.  

Last but not least, these slow-juicers can make more quality-juice from ginger, turmeric then other fast-juicers. no only that, those are better for leafy grens and vegitables too.

Pros and Cons of slow or masticating juice extractor

  • You can get the best quality juice with, high nutrients, and enzymes. Its main feature of these juicers.
  • These type of juicers can make juice from fruits or vegetables. 
  • You can store juice for about 72 hours.
  • This juicer works quietly – you may need it if you like to make juice in the morning. But want to have a quite a morning for yourself and other family members.
  • Compare to other fast juicers; this type of machine produces more juice or less wastage as pulp. This means you can get more juice and more saving in grocery.
  • Cleaning is easy.


  • This type of juicers is slower than centrifugal juicer or high-speed-juicers.

But these masticating produce better quality juice because of it’s low speed. It’s important to be slow or produce less heat and oxidation to get quality juice.

  • usually more expensive 
  • you need to cut your fruits or vegetables in pieces to fit them in the machine

Top 3 juicers are -for cancer patients

JuicerBest ForWarranty
Omega NC900HDC (know more )healthiest Choice15 year
omega 8006 (know more)(know more )Old But Popular model15 year
Aicok juicing machine (know more)Best Budget

1 Omega NC900HDC – top pick  

  • high-Quality juice
  •  wider chute / less prepare time
  •  Five settings for different materials
  •  produce more juice / less leftover
  •  Easy cleaning
  •  15 years of warranty


  • high initial cost

PS: if you want to save, you can take NS800 instead, as both ns800 and ns 900 are identical in features. but the only thing is that ns800 don’t come with a plastic body instead of stainless steel  .

Things It Can Do

You can count on this juicer for high-quality juice, and you can juice everything literally under the sun: it can handle every from leafy green to hard fruits and vegetables. It can even manage soft fruits and vegetable better.

This is one great product from omega, and you can get the highest yield using different manual settings from a wide variety of fruits and veggies.

Juicing hard, thick fruit and veggies: 4.5/5

you can make juices from hard foods like carrot, celery, apple, beet, ginger, turmeric and so on.

leafy green: 4.5/5

 using this juicer, you can try leafy green like herb, kale, spinach, cabbage, wheatgrasses, dandelion, and so on  

soft products or greens: 4 /5  

this extractor can handle soft products like citrus, grape, or tomato juice too. 

save on grocery

you can save a lot in the supermarket. As this one squeeze the highest amount of juice out from your green/fruits. In turn, it needs fewer fruits or grocery.

15 years of warranty

this machine built for last long . comes with 15 years of warranty. So you can have nothing to worry about this juicer for long time. 

BPA free

this juicing machine doesn’t have toxic BPA .so you don’t have to sip harmful chemical in your juice.

2 Minute Cleanup Time

you have to care about cleaning the screen only. As most of the time pulp is stuck on the screen of the juicer. Even after that, 

it doesn’t take more than 2 minutes to clean its six parts of the juicer. 

This slow juicer has a larger chute that makes preparation time low . and this one is best for those who want to juice frequently and want to get the most quality and testy-juice from their fruits and veggie. 

Omega 8006 – Best slow juicer for value

  • Sturdy. UL, cUL-approved
  •  Versatile. Juices fruits, leafy veggies, make butter, sorbet, pasta. Grinds coffee or nuts.
  •  Affordable
  •  Easy to assemble & clean
  •  15-year warranty


  • its older model of omega but still popular

This is one of the older popular models of omega juicer. and still popular these days. less pricy then newer moderlsEasy to clean, use and cheap.  

Things it can Juice

Juicing hard, thick fruit veggies: 4/5:

This juicer can juice almost anything, including hard produce like carrots, ginger, nuts. Still, apples should be cut into small chunks, and celeries should be 3 inches cut. 

juicing leafy greens: 4/5 :

Many users prefer masticating type over other types because these types are better at juicing leafy greens. Masticating juicerJ8006 takes most of the juices out of the pulps, green leaves and leaves the dry pulps. The vegetables should be cut into pieces, so they fit the chute. 

 Juicing watery produces: 4/5

It can make mushy produce like bananas, kiwi, papaya, strawberry, avocado into smoothies very fast. 

Juicing pasta, nut butter baby food: 4/5

This juicer is unique because it can make baby food, pasta, nut butter, nut paste etc. It can grind coffee and pepper. It is good at cold, pressing veggies and fruits. 


This juicer J8006 is easy to clean. It does not take time to clean. It has a brush included with which you can clean easily. It will take a maximum of 5 or 6 minutes to clean. 

Slow juicer – Aicok juicing machine – best on budget

  • quality-juice
  • affordable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Quiet – its helpful feature, if you want to do juicing quietly in the morning or any other time
  • Motor & Reverse Function to avoid clogging
  •  BPA-Free

Negatives: low duribility, low warranty period

This juicer is cheap but has good rating in amazon. This juicer doesn’t come with a better warranty but not so durable.

You can make quality juice from leafy greens easily .using this slow-juicer, you can enjoy tasty juice that is full of vitamins and enzyme. Like any other slow juicer features, you can make juice with less sound, and you will be able to store it in your freezer for 72 hours.  

things it can juice: 

leafy green: 4/5

this one can extract good quality juice from leafy greens. 

hard fruit and veggies: 3/5

you can get a hard time when juicing hard fruit or veggies like carrots, apple, ginger

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