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Best masticating juicers and Checklist for picking the top one!

Are you looking for Best masticating juicers? Then you are in right place.

There are so many in the market, it is hard to find one that is from a renowned Brand and comes with a good warranty, is easy to clean, and operates, and so on. or Checks all the boxes of a good masticating juicer.

But If you are in hurry, here are the Best masticating juicers for 2021

Masticating type juicers are best for the health-conscious person who wants good quality juice only (its main character of the type of juicer). who wants their morning to be quiet and want a juicer with quite an operation. whoever wants to drink their juice immediately or wants to preserve it for a few days.

Masticating JuicersBest forWarranty
Omega NC900HDC ( Know More )Top Pick- Horizontal slow juicer15 years
Omega VSJ843QS ( Know More )Top Pick – Vertical Slow Juicer15 years
Aicok ( Know More )Budget pick3 Years

All about Masticating juicers

How it works

This type of juicer has an auger as shown in the image which is one of the main things of this juicer. Auger pushes the fruits or veggies forward and it also tears and meshes it into a paste. This paste then goes through the screen of the juicer and we get the pulp and delicious juice.

Masticating juicer reviews: Positive and negatives

The positive side of masticating juice extractor

  •  You will be able to get the best quality juice . its main feature of these juicers.
  • This juicer works quietly. you may need if you want to have quite a morning
  • You can get more juice than centrifugal juicers
  • Cleaning is easy.
  • Easy to operate.

Negatives of this juicer

  • Bit slow juicers than centrifugal juicers or high-speed-juicers. But these masticating juicers produce better quality juice because of their low speed. it’s important to be slow to get quality juice. Unlike other High-speed juicers, these juicers don’t produce heat and cause oxidation and that is bad for quality juice.

Is Masticating juicer is for you?

  •  You want to get the best quality juice. You want more nutrients, enzymes, vitamins in your juice. ..these types of juicers produce the best quality juice than centrifugal juicers or any other juicer produces. .. this is the main positive side of these types of juicers.
  • You want your juicer can juice vegetables, leafy greens including wheatgrass, and fruits.  your juicer is best for juicing vegetables and leafy greens. And you also can produce juice from fruits.
  • You want your morning (or whenever you juice) to be quiet. This juicer is way more silent than other centrifugal juicers operation.
  • You will don’t mind cutting a bit of your bigger fruits or vegetable chunk into a small portion before juicing… as normally the feed of this type of juicer is smaller than those of other types of juicer.
  • You don’t mind giving a little more time in juicing … by the way, this juicer is slow compared to other centrifugal juicers. and that’s why this juicer produces top-quality juice by lowering heat and oxidation.

If you agree with most or all of them, then this juicer type is perfect to meet your need

But which type slow juicer you should choose?

Horizontal VS Vertical: Which Type of slow juicer is better

Slow juicer typeHorizontalVertical
Easy to cleanEasierlittle hard
Specializationgreen leafy greens
like kale and so on
Soft fruits
like pineapple and so on
( baby food, nut butter
and so on)
VersatileNot so Versatile
ExampleOmega NC900,
Omega NC800
Omega Vsj843,
Breville BJS600XL

Horizontal juicers are easier to clean than vertical juicers, as horizontal juicers have a less juicing screen, less complex parts, or arrangement.

Both of these juicers can juice everything, but horizontal is good for leafy green and verticals are good for soft fruits.

Horizontals are more versatile than vertical juicers, you will be able to make baby food, nut butter, and so on

Table: Most sold masticating juicers are.

Masticating JuicersBest forWarranty
Omega NC900HDC ( Know More )Top Pick- Horizontal slow juicer15 years
Omega VSJ843QS ( Know More )Top Pick – Vertical Slow Juicer15 years
Aicok ( Know More )Budget pick3 Years


if you want a Versatile, easy-to-clean juicer that is good with leafy greens. then take a horizontal-slow-juicer.

But if you want a juicer that has good look can juice everything, especially soft fruits then take a vertical type slow juicer.

Both are good but come with their pros and cons. Whichever you pick you will not regret for sure. that’s all for today. keep juicing and stay healthy.


Hi, Product Links you see on this site, all are quality products. Even though we get a small amount of affiliate commission (which helps us to maintain this site) when you purchase using our link, we try not to be biased. Thank you, happy juicing !!

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