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best juicer for leafy greens and vegetables

best juicer for leafy greens
Leafy greens

leafy greens are crucial for our eyes, stomach, our overall health. These are rich sources of multiple vitamins, calcium, manganese, magnesium, minerals and other important ingredients and nutrients.

But, Not just kids, many adults are indifferent to eating needed veggies.But if you can make juices out of the veggies or leafy green then it is a good way to feed vegetables to your family.

If you ask me, which is the best juicer for leafy greens?

I will recommend  slow juicers – twin-gear or masticating juicers for leafy free ( I personally use a masticating one..)
few reasons for that are mentioned below.

  • unlike centrifugal juicer, Masticating or twin-gear juicer does not cut or slice the produce or the veggies and fruits. Rather it puts pressure and chews the produce and brings you the juice out of it. Cutting the produce makes the juice produce oxidized and the juice. and lower the quality of our juice.
  • Masticating or twin gear juicer use lower speed than centrifugal juicer for juicing. which produce lots of heat which are not good for the juice too.
  • Centrifugal juicers does juice at fast speed. But when it comes to juicing do you really think that speed is what actually matters? After all, it’s your health. You are juicing for your health. So if you drink contaminated and oxidized juice the whole juicing thing is pointless.
  • Slow juicers will give you the maximum amount of juices out of the produce.
    Centrifugal juicers are not able to provide you with the maximum amount of juice. Even if, slow juicers are expensive, these juicers will help you to save a lot in long run than those of centrifugal juicers,

Without further discussion ..let’s see the list for best juicer for leafy greens and vegetables

Top 5 Best juicer for leafy greens :

Best juicer for leafy greens :

Omega 8006:

When it comes to Masticating juicers you cannot possibly complete the list of best masticating juicers for juicing green leafy vegetables without Omega juicers. Omega 8006 is one of the best and topmost juicers to juice green vegetables and leafy greens. That is why I recommend this juicer.
It is not cheap yet it is affordable. Like me, if you also prefer purchasing a juicer that will last long and will provide you with quality green juices at an affordable price then this is recommended highly for you.

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Why is it good for juicing green vegetables and leafy greens?

As a masticating juicer, it does not cut or slice the vegetables. This omega juicer model presses and puts pressures on the contents and then takes out the juices in this process. It is healthy. It gives you the maximum juices and leaves the pumps dry. This juicer prevents foaming and oxidation and keeps the juice fresh and intact for a long time.

There is a good reason why the health concerned juice lovers prefer masticating juicers, not the centrifugal ones. After all, you are juicing and drinking juice for your health. Right?

For more information, it is easy to use and easy to assemble. It comes with 15 years of warranty. While putting large vegetables in it, you need to cut into pieces first. This way it will help to put the vegetables through the chute. Do not hurry while feeding through the chute, or else putting too much of vegetables or contents may cause the juicer get clogged.

Though I have listed Omega8006 for being especially efficient in juicing green vegetables and leafy greens it juices all kinds of vegetables including wheat grasses, carrots, hard veggies, fruits etc. It also makes pasta, sarbet, tomato, ginger, garlic pastes, baby foods, nut pastes, butter etc.

The juicer comes with two different plastic containers; one for containing the juice and the other for containing pulps. These two plastic containers may not be BPA-free. this is one of the best-rated juicers for greens.


Why is it good for juicing green vegetables and leafy greens?

If you are a juicer connoisseur and looking for an exclusive juicer for juicing green and nutritious vegetables that provide you with high-quality juice with no deviation in color and nutrients then I recommend this juicer for you.

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Also, it is highly recommendable for juice lovers who don’t juice often. If you do not find interest in juicing only because it seems difficult hence you are eager to drink juice everyday nevertheless, then this super angel juicer is the right option for you. It gives you the privilege of hassle free and easy juicing. When your juicer is comfortable to use eventually it results in juicing more vegetables for you.

[Its helpful pushdown front clamp technology helps easy and simple assembly. You do not need to change screens. It has three stage screen that helps the handling of all fruits and veggies. You do not need to adjust pressure manually. It has automatic pressure adjustment technology. This juicer ensures continuous juicing process with the help of its impeller press system of twin gears. Super Angel 5500 ensures juicing in a maximum amount by adjusting its system to the type of produce. And this way it saves both your time and energy.

The ultra precision 2 stage twin gear ensures the maximum extraction of juice. At the end of the juicing process, you get really dried up pulps and lots of fresh juices.

super angel juicer is yet another top qualified juicer for you to juice green vegetables. I should mention though, It is a bit more expensive than the Omega juicer.

It is a stainless steel juicer so considering the health factor the health conscious juicers are interested in this juicer.

There are juice lovers who don’t mind spending extra dollars for a bit expensive juicer as the juicer is not a household product that you buy one on every day or in each month. If you have planned to buy a juicer why not go for a high-quality product even if it is a bit costly?

So, if you are a juicer enthusiast who want a ‘good-looking’ juicing machine but ready for a comparatively upper rate this is the right choice for you. Besides, you get the quality juice with all necessary ingredients and nutrients necessary for your good health and body.


This is yet another Omega top juicer to juice green vegetables and leafy greens. The main notable qualities are its high amount of yield and wider feed chute.

Why is it good for juicing green vegetables and leafy greens?

It has the best qualities of the previous Omega juicers that were good for juicing green vegetables and leafy greens and yet it has more. Omega NC800 has improvements over other Omega juicers. One of the major groundbreaking improvement is its larger feed chute. Its feed chute is large enough to put vegetables and fruits inside. Its screen area and auger are large in size. It helps you get more juice.

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This larger chute is not only an improvement when it comes to Omega masticating juicer for juicing green vegetables and leafy greens. It is a major achievement in masticating juicing. The only difficulty that we seem to have with masticating juicers is the mouth of maximum masticating juicer is small. So you have to cut the vegetables and fruits. It takes time and energy. But Omega NC800 helps you solve this problem as it has bigger and wider mouth. So it helps put the contents easily.

It needs a little bit more space than usual, so a good counter space in your kitchen will help you accommodate this juicing machine. It is efficient in juicing hard objects. But better if you do not put too much mushy and soft contents like the ripe apple, banana, soft fruits etc. It has some plastic parts which may/may not be BPA-free.

When it comes to price it is a bit costlier than average but if you consider the quality it is one of the best juicers for juicing green vegetables.

It is a slow speed masticating juicer, its juicing speed is 80 RPMs. As a slow speed masticating juicer it prevents oxidation of juices and keeps the mineral, enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients intact for longer period of time.

Its cleaning process is easy and does not take much time. As a masticating juicer, it has an advantage over centrifugal juicers, it is not that noisy. The sound is tolerable and as many users say, it is rather ‘quiet’ as a juicer.

Besides juicing green vegetables and leafy greens (e.g. collards, spinach, cabbage, kale etc and more) it is also good at making fruit juice, fruits sorbet etc. It can equally juice wheat grass. You can extrude pasta, make peanut butter from roasted peanuts, minced tomatoes, and herbs, ginger, and garlic pastes, baby food, ground coffee, soya or nut milk using this juicer. These are its other exclusive uses.

Tribest SS-9002

This juicer is capable for grinding green leaves and green veggies. It can be alternatively called as a grinding machine or a mill.

Why is it good for juicing green vegetables?

the SoloStar II juices in two steps – and makes sure the produce is juiced efficiently and a maximum of the juice is extracted. in the first step the crushed produce is pushed forward through a coarse screen which causes fast extraction and prevents any kind of absorption of juice. Then on the 2nd step, the pulp (with the least amount of juice in it) is pressed again to ensure that there remains no juice in the pulp. Lastly, you get a maximum amount of juice with all necessary nutrients and what remains is the dry pulp.

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It has large screen and adjustable end cap. It is made in such a way that you do not need to cut the vegetables and then put in it. While putting the fruits and veggies you can control the pressure that you put to push the produce. It is expertly designed and exclusive juicer, its material is of high quality and quite durable. It comes up with 2nd generation dual-stage juice extraction system which results in more juices. It’s slow sped masticating juicing keeps the nutrients good and it delivers you high-quality nutritious juice. It also offers a juice container. It is easy to assemble. The cleaning process is easy as well. It has 5 years warranty.

It comes with these accessories: Funnel, Fettuccini Nozzle, Homogenizing Screen, Homogenizing Nozzle, Spaghetti Nozzle, Pulp Strainer, Pulp Container, Foam Strainer, Juice Container, Juicing Screen, Plastic Plunger and a Cleaning Brush.

The con is it does not have ultem auger or strainer and it is not BPA free.

Samson 9005

Why it is good for juicing green vegetables and leafy greens?

Samson juicer is hygienic. SAMSON is made of Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) approved plastics which are semi-permanent and extremely hygienic. It also has a low-speed mill-type screw which preserves nutrients and flavor of produce. While centrifugal high-speed juicers affect the natural color, flavor and nutritional value of vegetables and fruits.

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Samson 9005 yields more juice than many other juicers because it has large screen area. This Samson juicer is actually affordable at a cheap price. It has an adjustable end cap it helps you get more juice out of the produce. It has 15 years of warranty and affordable at only $260. You need to cut the fruits into pieces before feeding through the chute. The motor is 160 watt.

It gives you the advantage of fast and easy cleaning. Assembling and dissembling the parts is also quite easy and hassle free. It yields a high amount of healthy and high-quality juices and leaves the pulp dry. Low 80 RPM speed makes sure that the nutritious of the juice remain intact. SAMSON juicer has a built-in control that prevents overheating and the juicer automatically restarts after cooling down.

With the help of SAMSON juicer, you can juice spinach, wheatgrass, parsley, celery, kale, cucumber, ginger, sprouts, and many other leafy greens. How is it different from other juicers in the market? It helps you juice even aloe vera leaves and pine leaves as well.

Besides juicing it is good at making salsa,,, pasta, noodles, baby food, minced fish and meat, nut butter, frozen desserts.

Green Star GSE-5000

Why it is good for juicing green vegetables and leafy greens?

Green Star GSE 5000 has more yield than many other juicers in the market. Plus point is that it comes with 12 years warranty. This juicer is efficient because it yields more juices than Omega 8005, 8006 and 8004.
This juicer comes with a pressure adjustment cap which helps squeeze more juices. It’s good features include the ability to yield more juice, long warranty period etc.It prevents oxidation and keeps the juice fresh for up to 72 hours.

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Above discussion will give you the idea or tips to choose best juicer for leafy greens .. which will be good investment for your health.


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