Top Benefits of Beet Juicing and Drinking Beet Juice

Top Benefits of Beet Juicing and Drinking Beet Juice Daily

Why juice Beets? Why drink the beet juice? What are the Top Benefits of Beet Juicing? Below we have shared and discussed the  Top benefits of beet juicing and drinking beet juice.
Beet juice has important health benefits. Beetroots are good for skin and Beets are enriched with protein, folic acid, and fibers.
Beetroots can have different uses, it can be eaten in raw format, you can make a delicious salad with beetroots. You can also make beetroot broth or soup.

The top benefits of beet juicing are given  here

1. Lowers blood pressure:

Beet juice lowers your blood pressure. Studies show that drinking beet juice when your blood pressure is high can lower it down by 4 to 5 points.  Th nitrates in beets when consumed, converted into nitric acid which improves your blood circulation in the body by relaxing blood vessels. This way beet helps lower your blood pressure.

2. Increases your energy and body stamina

Beet juicing will help you a lot if you do workouts, manual jobs. When we work out or do heavy works that require a certain level of physical strengths, it burns our body calorie. Beet juice helps boost up your energy and stamina. A research shows that those who drink beet juice prior to their workout are able to work out longer. Beet has nitrates which are transferred into nitric oxide which helps proper blood circulation and flow of oxygen in blood stream throughout the body. It gives us the energy to work longer.

3. Fight Inflammation

Beets have betaine, an important ingredient that protects our cells, our body proteins and enzymes from outside stress. Betaines also helps our body system to fight inflammation. It protects our internal organs and prevents several diseases. Betaine is a vital ingredient that should be in our diet. its presence and regular consumption can help the body from inflammations, and it can help our proteins. Molecules have been found in beets that are anti-inflammatory and can bring cardiovascular benefits to our heart and cardiovascular system.
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4. Anti-Cancer Properties

Beets have strong nutrient named as phytonutrients which are responsible for the bold dark color, these phytonutrients play an important role to fight cancer. Beet nutrients help fight your body against cancers like pancreatic, breast, prostate.

5. Rich with Nutrients and Fiber

Beets are enriched with highly beneficial nutrients like vitamin C,  Vitamin B, fiber, manganese, and potassium. These nutrients play important roles in the maintenance of healthy nerves and muscles, your bones, liver, kidneys, and pancreas. The vitamin B folate helps reduce birth defects.

6. Detoxifies your blood and liver and boosts immunity

The benefits of beet juicing are plrnty. Beet juice detoxifies your body and boosts up your immune system. The betalain pigment found in beets are quite helpful for your body. This nutrient contributes in supporting the detoxification and helps purify your blood and liver.

7. Folic Acid:

Beets are rich with nutrient folic acid. Consuming beets during pregnancy has been found as highly beneficial for pregnant mothers. If you have the lack of iron in your body, consuming beets on regular basis can help you a lot.

8. Skin Benefits:

Beetroots are beneficial for skin. There are plenty of benefits of beet juicing.
Beetroots detoxify your body and cleans your blood and make you healthy inside out. This way when you are healthy inside it appears outside. The fiber, nutrients are good and beneficial for your skin.

9. Beetroot juicing for weightloss:

It is wrong to go on a crash diet. Crash diet makes you lose many important ingredients that are essential for your health and body.
We have already discussed that beetroot juicing boosts your immunity, it increases your energy level and stamina. Here you can extract the maximum Benefits of beet juicing. Beetroot juicing can be beneficial for your weightloss because it has carbohydrate. In your diet, when you are reducing or carving the amount of bread, rice, and potato, you can take beetroots and it will fulfill the needs of carbohydrate in your body as you are carbing the daily sources of carbohydrate. It will boost your stamina and you will not feel weak despite being on a diet. And of course, making beetroot juice is easy and cheap.
Check out this beet juicing recipes:

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Different kind of Beets and how to eat them:

Red and yellow/ golden beets:
When it comes to taste, yellow beets are a little bit less caustic than the red beets. They taste a bit sweeter than red bits.
How to eat yellow/golded bets:
Salad: You can first take the peels off. Then you can chop the golden beets or slice them.Spread the beets on a platter. Now chop some cilantro leaves, chilies, onions and spread over the beets. You can also add some herbs, i.e. sesame, flax seeds etc. Then you can add some lemon juice and sprinkle a little bit of salt and black pepper powder.
Juice: You can peel the golden or yellow beets and you can juice them in a juicing machine. Or you can also make a roast of them.
How to roast golden or yellow beets:
First, you need to peel the beets. Then chop into cubes. Toss with edible oil and put on a baking sheet or tray. Add salt and black pepper to taste. Roast at 400 degrees F for about 25 to 30 minutes make sure the beets are soft and have golden brown edges Beet root recipe:

Choose small to medium-sized beets.  If beets still have their greens attached, trim and save separately.

How to prep

Raw: Peel beets, then cut into pieces

Roast: Wrap beets individually in foil, then roast on a baking sheet at 400F for 1 hour. Let cool. Drizzle with extra- virgin olive oil. Sprinkle black pepper, black salt, herbs. Then you can add to salads or sandwiches.

Boil: Peel first, then boil until beets get soft.  (25 to 45 min). Toss with olive oil, sprinkle salt for a side dish, or slice and add to salads.

How to use beet pulp:

Put the beet pulp in a bucket and pour water, according to a number of beet pulps.  Let the beet pulps soak in water. If the water is warm, then soak for half an hour. If the water is cold then soak for one hour.

The side effect of drinking too much red beet juice:

There are important benefits of beet juicing. Beets are highly nutritious and enriched with helpful ingredients. Beets have a high amount of folic acids and iron. Consuming too much beet  juice can lead to digestive disorder and cause stomach upset to some.


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