33 Anti-aging fruits and vegetables


Signs of Aging

What is aging and what are the signs of aging?

The 7 signs of aging are.

  • Dark spots
  • Sagging skin
  • Dull glow-less skin
  • Lines & wrinkles
  • Dry skin
  • Patchy skin
  • Open pores

The top 33 Best Anti-aging fruits and vegetables:


Pineapple:Pineapple has plenty of vitamin C. It has a significant ingredient called Bromelain. It is a strong and effective enzyme which helps proper digestion, helps fight sinusitis, reduces arthritis and angina, helps fight against excessive appetite.Pineapples are good remedies to aging.


Blueberries help you stop aging fast. Have you watched the film ‘The curious case of Benjamin Button’? Yes, blueberries help you reverse your age clock by reversing the age-brain decline.Why should you eat blueberries every day? ..Anthocyanins (which is responsible for their deep blue color) is a kind of powerful antioxidant which are plenty of amount in blueberries and that makes blueberries the topmost fruit in antioxidant champion among all fruits. Blueberries contain the maximum antioxidant among all foods. Besides, blueberries also prevent urinary tract infections. Eating blueberries helps you strengthen your collagen structure.


Tomatoes are good for our bodies in various ways. Totamoes help fight against cardiovascular diseases, lung, stomach, pancreatic cancer. Tomatoes have plenty of lycopene, lycopene is an important nutrient which prevents degenerative cell diseases, and reduces the risk of cancers. Tomatoes help to prevent wrinkles on your face.Apples: There is a proverb, An apple a day keeps the doctor away.Eating an apple every day is beneficial for our health in different ways. Apples have important nutrients that help our body immune system. Eating apples can help us fight against lung and prostate cancer and boost our immunity power.  Apple lowers Alzheimer’s risk. Apples have antioxidants and flavonoids to fight diseases.Apples also contain plenty of helpful fibers. Apple has important nutrients such as; catechin, quercetin, phloridzin, chlorogenic acids.


Do you have avocados on your food list? Avocados are not only bizarrely tasty. Avocados help our immune system, reduce the risk of liver damage. Avocados are good for patients with high blood cholesterol. These fruits lower the risk of oral cancer too.Blackberries: blackberry has ingredients that build bone density. It has bioflavonoids. It helps fat burning.


Cantaloupe is helpful for our health because it boosts our immune system, cantaloupe has ingredients that protect our body from sunburns and it shields as a natural protector against swelling.Cantaloupe helps relieve angina.Its adenosine works to thin blood. Cantaloupe helps relieve angina.


Cranberries have ingredients that help your body fight against colon,  lung, and leukemia cancer cells. Cranberries are rich in vitamin C. It helps prevent urine infection.Cranberries have ingredients that help your body fight against colon,  lung, and leukemia cancer cells. Cranberries are rich in vitamin C. It helps prevent urine infection.


Mangos keep our arteries healthy, eating mangos is good for high cholesterol patients because it lowers the level of cholesterolin the blood. Mangos strengthens the body’s immune system. Also, mangos help body’s digestion of food with the help of its ingredient (an enzyme) called bromelain.


Oranges are high in vitamin C. Oranges lower the blood cholesteorl. People who suffer from too much hunger, oranges can help them great deal. It suppresses appeitte .Oranges reduces the risk of cancer.


Kiwi fruits helps fight wrinkles.   Kiwi fruits are very much high in vitamin C. Kiwi fruit   reduces inflammation.  you will get beautiful and healthy skin day by day if you eat kiwi fruit. People who have trouble with sleeping shoud eat kiwi fruits because it works as a sleep inducer. It is a powerhouse of different kinds of vitamins and minerals. It helps fight heart diseases. 2 to 3 kiwis each day has the potential to reduce blood clot. It is a good source of vitamin E. and it is highly beneficial for your skin.


Papaya is enriched with plenty of essential ingredients. It lowers the risk of lung cancer.Papaya has an important engyme called bromelain. Bromelain helps proper digestion. 

Plums and prunes:

These fruits are highly enriched with anti oxidants and fiber, these are good for constipation opatients. Helpful for women after 50, for protection against bone loss during menopause. 


Pomegranates are helpful for patients with bad cholesterol.Pomegranates are good sources of anti oxidant.It also helps fight againsr prostate cancer. 


Pumpkin has vitamin C and important ingredients. Pumpkin helps our body to fight against cancers. It also helps reduce the rate of inflammation. It is good for artritis patients.



Any kind of berries are good for health, and have uses of its own. Strawberries lowers the amount of bad cholesterol in body. Strawberries help fight against alzheimers diseases. sTRAWberries are powehouses boosted with vitamin B, C, ellagic acid, anti cancer compound. These fruits help fight against oral, colon, prostate cancer by inhibiting the growth of cancer in our bdies.


raspberries are high with antioxidants.  raspberries help reduce the level of cholesterol in blood. Thee are considered as easy remedy for controlling blood pressure . Raspberries are good sources of Vitamin C.


Watermelon helps a great deal in case of improving male fertility. Also, helps decrease the proneness to certain cancer by improving body’s immune systwm. Watermelon has a very important ingredient called electrolytes. It helps our body against oral, prostate, cervical, ovarian and pharyngeal cancers.


Aren’t they  delicious? not only the taste of bananas is good but also bananas have good impact on health. Bananans are rich with healthy ingredients; Vitamin B6, Vitamin C. Bananas have plenty of dietary fiber which are good for the overall health and heart. Bananas burn our body fats and help prevent against   cancers and asthama.

Vegetables for anti aging and longevity::

tHE BEST VEGETABLES FOR LONGEVITY AND ANTI AGING listed by North arolina research Campus.


Spinach is a powerhouse filled with A,B,C,D,K vitamins and other important ingrediens. Spinach reduces the occurence of cancer and its risk. Certain cancers including colon, liver, overies, prostate tc can be preveted with the ingredint that spinach has.


Broccoli is one of the deep green veggies which help reduce cancer risk in the body. Cancers like colon, prostate. bladder, pancreatic, gastric and breast cancer risk can be reduced by broccoli. Broccoli is good for the diabetic patients. It helps keep diabetes  under control.  Besides its other ingredients, Broccoli has plenty of antioxidants and vitamin B6, C and E.Broccoli is one of the deep green veggies which help reduce cancer risk in body. Cancers like colon, prostate. bladder, pancreatic, gastric and breast cancer risk can be reduced by broccoli. Broccoli is good for the diabetic patients. It helps keep diabetes  under control.  Besides its other ingredients, Broccoli has plenty of antioxidants and vitamin B6, C and E.


Carrots are good for your skin and eyes. Carrots are highly enriched with beta carotene. Also this vegetable protects our DNA. It is a power house of vitamins and other important nutrients. It has calcium, potassium, sodium and has plenty of vitamins A, B, C.


Cauliflower has ingredients that help prevent cancer. Protaste cancer, breast cancer growth in body can be prvented if cauliflower is eaten regukarly. Cauliflower strenghthens   immune system by stimulating detox system. It is high in vitamin C. Cauliflowr helps reduce heart  patients y reducing the risk of stroke, it has Allicin that helpes improve th heart health and it also decontaminates the blood and lever and gets rid of toxins.


 Artichokes are enriched with fiber. These play important role in reducing bad cholesterols. Artichokes are high in vitamin c and help blood clotting.


 Arugula is known for reducign the risk of having defects durign birth. Arugula is also known for being good for eyes. Its fiber is helpful or health. Arugula is good for the bones too ,and reduces the fracture possibility. These contain anti oxidant which is beneficial for health and heart. Arugula also contains beta cAROTENE, folic acid, vitamin c, potassium.

Green cabbage:

 Stanford University conducted a research on the healing power of green cabbage. They found out that drinking green cabbage juice for can heal ulcers and restore gastronomical tracts completely within 7 days.Cabbage shows fascinating result in case of cancer protection. It is the most effective vegtableand it contains the maximum nutrients to protect against cancer. It reduces the risk of protaste, breast, colon, ovarian cancer. It reduces blood clotting and helps detoxification.It is enriched with helpful nutrients and ingredients like Vitamin C, calcium, fiber. Cabbage helps high  blood pressure patients by lowering blood pressure. 


 Our body needs healthy bacteria to help the normal digestion in our system. Asparagus helps the promotion of helpful bacterias in our digestion system. Asparagus is good for our hearts. It is a very rich vegetable with vitamin A and B1. It guards against different sorts of birth diffects.



After 30, women tend to suffer from low bone density. Kale helps build bone density. Kales a good source of calcium. It protects eyes from the damages caused by UV ray of sun. It also maintains the estrogen level in the body.

Sweet potato:

Sweet potatoes have carotene, calcium, potassium, vitamin C. Sweet potatoes reduce the risk of stroke and help heart patients by keeping heart well. It can prevent cancer with its nutrient and protect your eyes against blindness. Keeping sweet potatoes in diet chart is helpful for the body.


 Mushrooms are good for patients with problems of high blood pressure . Mushrooms lowers the blood pressure.  Mushrooms also help reduce the risk of cancer; colon an prostate. It strengthens our body by improving natural detox system.

Butternut squash:

Butternut squash are rich with vitamin A and C, niacin and potassium. these help prevent wrinkles. these are good for the heart’s health. Also improvs our vision.  Apart from those  fruits and vegetables listed by North Carolina Research Campus, there are some more fruits, veggies, herbs, drinks that have been found as helpful to prevent aging. 

Other important Herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables and food items for anti-aging:


Herbs, spices to fight aging:

Moringa powder , turmeric, gingko biloba, fennel, pumpkin seed, sunflower seeds, ginger, sea weed, garlic, onion, chilies, all kinds of nuts, Brazil Nuts,

Oil for anti aging:

coconut oil , olive oil

Drinks for anti aging:

green tea, grape juice, pure noni-juice

Whole grain :

oatmeals. Wheat germs


fishes – cod, salmon,Tuna,  sardines sea plants, sea weed, kelp, oyster


yogurt, light fat cottage cheese

Poultries :



Lean beef

Fruits :

Black curant, Guava, Blood Orange


Brussles Sprout, Beans, Romaine lettuce, Red pepper


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