juicing vs eating whole food or cooked or processed food

juicing vs eating whole food or cooked or processed food

Is juicing is better than eating whole food or cooked food ?

  1. juicing is not more healthier than Taking whole food.  whole food contains more healthy fiber than that of juiced produce. but many prefers juicing over eating whole produce for several reasons …which are given below.
  2. juicing is better than cooking and reasons are given below.

Reasons for juicing are given below ..

• Consumption volume:

Juicing ensures easy and convenient way of consuming greater volume of produce comfortably than that of eating raw or cooked food. Juicing make it possible by removing fiber from fruits and vegetables.

• Natural:

no guess work is needed to know whether freshly made juice will be 100 % natural?, no way, other ingredients or fillers can compromise quality of your juice. But you can’t say those things about other form of cooked food.

Most people don’t get recommended daily allowance (RDA)  ,which is less than 75 percent of daily need, of essential nutrients.. .” –by the National Institutes of Health .

Juicing is easy a fast, easy, delicious, and guaranteed way to cover your nutritional bases. Moreover, it helps reverse digestive problems caused by Harmful additives, preservatives, over-cooked and processed food.

• Don’t destroy nutrients:

Juicing does not destroy any of the nutrients in produces, like other form of cooking.

• Digestion:

unlike other form of cooking, juicing remove fiver from our fruits or vegetables, and produce juice that are self-digesting or easily consumable by our body.

• Nutrition:

juicing make it easy to take widest possible variety of fruits or vegetables every day.. or another word ..it helps to take rainbow of nutrition ( verities of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, detoxifying agents, digestive agents, immune stimulants, and memory enhancers).

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