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Best juicers for cancer patients

Before talking about Best juicers for cancer patients lets know little bit about cancer treatments and needed food in treatment period. ..all cancer sign

Eating is hard for many cancer patient and its more harder when he or she is taking chemotherapy for the cancer treatment. Its also emotional roller coaster for many cancer patients. But it’s crucial to take right amount of nutrition, minerals and vitamins from your daily diet.

According to Rachel Zinaman, who is MPA, RD of a breast cancer treatment facility, during cancer treatment period, your body will need different diet than that of other times: before or after cancer treatment period.

if you  took or going for conventional treatment like surgery, chemotherapy

Things you need to consider before and after treatment

  •  For prevent weight loss or to gain energy you need to take protein diet
  •  For nausea or vomiting you can take ginger
  • Drinking lots of fluid to keep hydrated

Protein is important need to heal your body faster after chemotherapy or radiation or surgery. Beside that body lose weight after cancer treatment in many cases and will need to have more protein for that. Not all cancer treatment will lose your weight; some will gain weight after cancer like breast cancer treatment.

According to WebMD, a leading medical news website, 70 to 80 percent people go through vomiting or nausea. It is believed that ginger prevents vomiting and nausea a lot for many.

Is Juicing a good idea ?

If you take conventional treatment….

One should take fluid or juice or water enough after chemo. Sometime drinking less fluid might cause the cancer patient fatigue, light hotheadedness and nausea,

How to get protein rich juice?

Protein rich juice is possible from protein rich fruits and vegetable like broccoli or cauliflower and so on. yummy juice is possible from old-fashioned, less protein rich food sources like strawberry, carrots , watermelon, orange, bananas and so on.

If you didn’t take conventional treatment for cancer…..

According to 89-year-old Charlotte Gerson, Max Gerson’s (who founded the Gerson Institute in 1977) daughter, increasing our immune system is vital to get rid of cancer. and we can do that by taking lots of organic green vegetables and avoiding processed foods.

And most of the cancer patients have less appetite for food, and some has weaker digestive system. Sever the patient’s cancer condition, weaker the digestive system.  .

According Cancer survivor George Malkmus, It’s difficult to digest or get nutrition from raw vegetables as those contains lots of pulp or fibers. But when fiber is removed from fruit or vegitables, one can get nutrition from the juice within minute and restore immune system.

Taking only the juice, not fibers, juicing helps one to get lots of needed vegetables easily even if  one have low apatite and week digestive system.

Top 16 cancer fighting food



  Which are the Best juicers for cancer patients ?

You may know there are there types of juicers like masticating, centrifugal, citrus . But for cancer patient, it’s important to get the highest nutritional value juice. And it is possible only by taking a juicer which produce low heat and has a low juicing speed. Unlike other juicers, masticating juicers full fills those requirement. Masticating is the Best juicers for cancer patients.



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