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which juicer you should purchase?

To get best juicers for you, first thing you should decide is what type of juice you will make from your juicer. Will you make juice from fruits or vegetables or both types?

And do you want to juice difficult-to- juice-food like leafy greens or wheatgrass, rather than easy-to-juice fruits and vegetables?

After that, you should check out juicers cleaning facility, as its one of the most vital features of a juicer, one likely to use his or her juicer more if it’s easy to assemble or dissemble and have few parts to clean. None of the other features would matter if you don’t use your juicer for hard cleaning.

Once you have narrowed down your juicer selection, I recommend choosing a juicer with good warranty period from big manufacturers as they have a lot of experience building these. you should also consider ratings and reviews from customers and no of purchase of a juicer before buying one?

Now, check out below juicer comparison chart and read in-depth reviews to find best juicers for you.

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Things to consider to get Best Juicers

1. What you want to juice? Just fruits or just vegetables or both of them?

2. Wheatgrass and leafy green: Do you like to juice wheatgrass? Or do you like to juice leafy green too?

3. Cleaning: Is your juicer is easy to clean?

4. Time: how much time you have for juicing? Most centrifugal juicers can produce juice faster than that of masticating juicers.

5. Quality: do you want best quality juice from your juicer? .Masticating juicers produce better juice than that of other centrifugal juicers. You should choose according to your need.

6. Store: how long you want to store your juice?

7. Type of juicer: which type of juicer you want? Do you want masticating, centrifugal, citrus juicers?

8. Counter space: how much counter space you want to give for your juicer?

9. Noise level: how much noise form a juicer is tolerable for you? And if you want to juice while others are sleeping or need quite time, then you should consider noise of a juicer too.

10. Big mouth: Bigmouth juicers will allow you to juice with less cutting.

11. Continuous juicing. Do you want to juice continuously? If your answer is Yes, then You should pick one that eject left overs to a container rather in a center basket. Otherwise you will need to stop your juicer and clean the pulp from basket frequently.

12. Budget: how much money you want to spend? Do you have flexible budget for you juicer?

13. Warranty: what should be the better warranty period for a juicer?


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