Best Juicers : What to look for in a Juicer

Tips for beginners ….to choose the best juicer 

If you are a beginner in juicing arena, I will recommend taking one of the masticating juicers (i am assuming you about diffrent juicer types). This is because —

If you just started juicing and you take one of the cheap centrifugal juicers. You may lose interest in juicing when you will find your juicer is not easy to clean and produce test less low-quality juice.

Cheaper juices will not reduce cost; in fact, it may increase your cost more in the long run. Usually, pulp from a cheaper juicer remains wet or produce low juice yield. This means you will need more fruits or vegetables to produce a glass of juice than that of good juicers like gear or masticating juicers.

On the other hand, a good Masticating juicer will give you quality juice with good test and maximum juice yield. Not only that, those juicers are easy to clean and easy to operate. A good masticating juicer can give you such a wonderful juicing experience that you would want to continue with it and hooked for life.

Centrifugal vs Masticating juicer Juicer Types


What to look for when choosing best juicers? 

Things to look for are

1# Ease of use:   ease of cleaning

This is by far the most important prerequisite in best juicers:  as … normally you are likely to use more often your juicer if you find your juicer is easy to clean and easy to use.  None of the other criteria listed below matters if you don’t use the juicer.

2# Price:

it’s kind of asset for your health to have a juicer. But you should keep in mind, best juicers ( those are able to meet your need)are not always most expensive juicers. but most of the time there is a co-relation between price and quality of a juicer.

3# Low-RPM: High Nutrient and – Enzyme Content in  the Juice

An operating speed nearing 100 RPM is excellent, as juicers with higher RPM ratings create heat and impact shock, which destroys much of the enzyme and nutrient content of the juice..slow juices like masticating juicers produce the best quality juice better than high rpm juicer like centrifugal juicers.

Low-RPM masticating juicers along with hydraulic-press extractors are capable of providing the highest nutritional content as well as the longest shelf life. normally centrifugal juicers and blenders can operate at high speed, anywhere from 1,000 to 24,000 RPM, but masticating juicers have lower RPM, that results in the highest possible nutrient and enzyme content that can be provided for you.

4# Quiet Operation

It is such a pleasant thought to be able to make juice early in the morning without waking up the folks. Hence, it’s no big surprise that noisy juicers are not used as often as quiet ones. Masticating juicers are quiet, even when under heavy use, it’s as quiet as your refrigerator, so much so that you’ll enjoy using it.

5# A Wide Range of – Juicing Abilities

It is important to select a juicer which can process the widest range of health-promoting herbs, plants, vegetables, and fruits. A limited juicer can only give you limited health benefits. Masticating juicers are what you need as it has no difficulty in juicing the hardest herb, the leafiest greens and everything that comes in between. Even a substance as difficult as wheat-grass is no problem! but centrifugal juicers are not good for vegetable juicing.

6# Yield or amount of juice from one pound vegetable or fruits

It is one of the most common characteristics among best juicers to have maximum yield without losing much juice in the juicing process. Normally centrifugal juicer produces less juice from one pound of fruits or vegetables than that of masticating juicers. By the way, if produce Pulp from your juicer is almost dry then you will know you juicer don’t waste so much juice.

there are many but mentioned Above things are vital or basic to get your best juicers.  But

Think I missed a key question?  Sound out below!

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  1. I’ve been juicing with the Omega J8004 for over a week now. There is a sinicfgiant taste difference between what came out of my Breville and what comes out of the omega juicer. Extremely sinicfgiant. You are right, the juice does taste better. I’m convinced that there is an oxidation problem with centrifugal juicers, and that oxidation does more than sap the nutrients away it saps the deliciousness of the juice away.I love this site, and I love that there are people like you guys promoting juicing in this way. This has changed my life, for the better, and I thank you guys. Keep up the good work.

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