Best Juicers types – which one is best for you

How to pick the best juicer type !!mango dream

There are too many juicers in the market but most of them fall into few handful types. So this article about different juicer types and comparison  – will give you a better understanding of the market in general.

Without further delay,  let’s go through these juicer types in details.

Juicer Types and reason to take a juicer type

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Get Centrifugal Type juicers if,41A9JNY8VDL._SL160_AA160_

  1.  if you want to juice hard fruits and vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and celery.
  2. You want to put less energy and time in juicing or like to press a button to make a juice.
  3. you don’t care about your juicer noise. this type of juicer is fast but noisy compare to other types of masticating and twin gear juicers.

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 Get Masticating Juicers. if

  1. 41g87pmBQfL._SL160_AA160_You want more nutrients in your juice. these type of juicers produces better quality juice than centrifugal juicers.
  2. You like to juice veggies including leafy veggies and not so much fruits
  3. You want to less juice to be wasted.
  4. You are a morning person and want your juicer to be quite when juicing
  5. You have a flexible budget

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Single Purpose Juicers Types

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Get Wheatgrass juicers if


  1. You like to juice wheatgrass or leafy veggies only.
  2. But some wheatgrass juicers can juice fruits as well.
  3. You have a flexible budget.

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 Get Citrus  juicers if


  1. If you like to juice citrus fruits only.
  2. You only want a really cheap and basic juicer.
  3. You want to use your arm power to make juice, or you don’t mind wasting a bit of juice.

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Comparison among two most popular juicer type

Centrifugal vs Masticating juicer Juicer Types

Featurescentrifugal juicerMasticating –single gear juicers
What you want to juiceBest for Hard fruits and vegetablesBest for Both fruits and vegetables
Quality of juiceQuality is Less than masticating. Because of oxidation or heat produce. Good to drink right after juicing,High quality better than that of centrifugal.
Good to drink juice even after few days.
Ease of cleaningEasy to cleanEasy to clean than centrifugal juicers, harder to clean than Masticating –twin gear juicers
yield or amount of juice from one pound vegitable or fruitslow,
amount of juice from one pound vegitable or fruits
Pulp is not dryer than that of masticating juicers , juice is wasted
amount of juice from one pound vegitable or fruits.
Pulp is drier than that of centrifugal juicer but less than that of twin gear juicer
warrentyGenerally have lower
Warranty period than
Other juicers type
Generally have higher
Warranty period than
Other centrifugal juicers type
Silent operationNot silentsilent

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